Worst run on slots (20p/25p spin) on fobts without feature
My worst is roughly £120 on 20p/25p spins without a feature.  Then usually only win £10-£20 when feature usually rolls in.
I put 40 through on 25p swaped to 50p for 50 then pressed max bet first spin the feature for 350 lol
Gladiator in Corals. About 600 all told with no feature.
I once put £60 in a 777, and played rainbow riches freespins, on 25p stake, with no freespins or decent wins, the biggest win i got was 2 quid, I got down to my last 50p, and was thinking what a load of rubbish, when I played my second to last go, it rolled 30 freespins in, thought I might get half of my money back, or a bit more if im lucky, and it rolled another 30 in, then another 10, then 20 more, ended up with 90 freespins, which gave me just over a £100, which I was more then happy with, went from been nearly 60 quid down, to 40 quid up, I did end up blowing the £40 profit on something else, but ended up coming home with my original 60 quid.
Played Monty's Millions the other day @£2 a spin.

Was £200 down, when I got the feature. I did get some £100 plus reel wins along the way so the money lasted a while

Got around £80 form the feature then got a £140 reel win so left around even.
61 spins today without any wins. Not even £1
Done countless £300+ through the lep for fuck all
Lost count the amount of times I fail to get a bonus within the first £100 on RR:PoG. Seriously, I never seem to hit an early bonus. As for length of time. RR: Free Spins has kicked my ass for 800-1000 plus on a couple of occasions with not a sniff of a feature. Last time it eventually kicked one out for £21.50, albeit with a £20 reel win as well.
@ scotty and siohmy, was that on 20p / 25p stake though
rocky. had a period where i would get cheap spins on 20/25p for a quick raise or atleast a bit of gameplay.

then had a few rapings. worst being about £80ish for fuck all when my car had blown up at a servos and i was trying to kill time in the hope id get some gameplay on granny stake.
Was £250 up yesterday in Ladbrokes. That Knight themed one took the lot at £2 a spin

I had 2 free spin features, one on the £20 for 5 spin game (went for £23) another one dropped in! (£22)

I had 6 wins over £5 and the wheel spun in X1 every time wank
(06-13-2013, 10:49 PM)Damo0666 link Wrote: @ scotty and siohmy, was that on 20p / 25p stake though

£1. Did £40 on 25p through the new game on the william hill game the other day for fuck all
£1000 into RR freespins on the new 888 terminal, on £2 spins, for ONE lot of 10 spins which went for...  £3.50    shit
(06-14-2013, 07:34 PM)jokepoteer link Wrote: £1000 into RR freespins on the new 888 terminal, on £2 spins, for ONE lot of 10 spins which went for...  Â£3.50    shit

Sounds about right! They are pretty shocking to be honest. And in answer to Damo, £1/2 stake. That said bearing in mind the increased %age on £1 spins that would still represent a serious wedge at 20/25p at 86%.
had a look at the % on bookies Star Wars, £1 is 92%, £2 is 93%. WTF? 100% more stake for 1% more aledged payout?  wank wank wank

on topic, had £20 in RR Freespins when it first came out... got the feature... up to 90 freespins and JACKPOT  GTFIT

BUT also had £300 in Mermaid Cunt and Thai LadyBoy for fuck all... many many many times  Homosexual Homosexual Homosexual

so it's the usual ANSWER: SMALL STAKES & WALK OUT... or walk out skint.
Took me £90 once on Thai flower 20p for a lady , elephants and k board said 7.20 lol

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