is rocky or reel king £500 slots any good ?
never tried these two , was thinking of giving them ago , ben so addicted to rainbow lately , not really seen what these are like , more chance of paying out or hitting the JACKOPOT ?!?  >:D
All are random m8

Stick to a limit
The original rocky was pretty good, Rocky 2 the feature seems to be pants. Reel king is old now, loads of different versions as well. The newest version is the 1 with pots i believe.
where u from charlie
To be honest asking if rocky or reel king are decent is like asking if burning money is a sensible idea. At the end of the day you will lose on them but the hope of a big win roll in or a bit of super pie action brings us all back for more.

If you ask a full time player how much the play the 500's most of them will tell you very little if any at all.
u have more chance of a big roll in on RR than rocky or reel sting but as every1 else sed their random
rocky seems to like doing £50 roll ins, but yea its only got 10 winlines which is shit.

i like rocky for the freespins, which can pay big, and because its the only feature on the machine it should come more often (but it doesnt really lol)

i like RR because it has more features and better roll ins.

i prefer rocky if ive got a bit of cash to play with, or if not a couple of quid in RR as im more likely to get something.

Like Streakseims said, B3s don't run on a cycle.  On an AWP, the machine's behaviour will certainly change £1000 later than it did £1000 ago.  B3s will remain the same £1000 later.  I normally take £20-30 into an arcade to play on AWPs and any money I have left I'll punt into a B3.

Normally it's Reel King for me.  A relatively simple 20-line game with 1 feature.  The feature's trigger is by sounds and bears no relation to what's on the reels.  I think the appeal of Reel King to me is that each spin is kinda running 2 separate processes - one for the reel graphics for reel wins and the sound that each reel makes as they stop.  Either a 'thud' or a xylophone note.  A complete scale of xylophone notes trigger the feature.  You've probably seen it already by watching other people play it: a king character pops out of a random reel on a purple carpet/curtain background and gives you a win series generally between £5 and £25.  Sometimes you get more than 1 king, max 5.  The more kings, the more exponential they become.

Rainbow Riches, which you're more used to, Charlied, is more feature-rich which you know already.  The main difference is that RR has progressive jackpots, bronze, silver and gold.  So again, it's a B3 and random, but not sure how the progressive JPs alter game mechanics.

I don't know Rocky, so someone else will have to explain the game for that  ;D
i prefer the gamble on reel king
will leave riyde to explain rocky to you lol
was a guy in the bookies got 5 scrolls today in billy hills i was amazed when it only gave him 115ish quid, would had thot it would atleast be in the mid 200's
I've seen 5 scrolls a fair few times now and every time they are either 1) mid 100. Anywhere between 130 + 175 or 2) 500.

I have never seen any other result and I must have seen 5 scrolls 15-20 times!!
watched an middle aged lady down hunstanton get 5 for £60! she was only 5 in and was still happy as fook. if you have a win already there in view then it will be crap
I saw some geezer get 5 scrolls for £150 odd then very shortly after the full screen of JP icons!

As for Rocky you know you need 3 pound coins on the screen to enter the bonus feature? That'll be about all the money you have left in your pocket after a session on it  lolol
The coins can be costly, but generally i see more of em popup than leps whilst watching people. rocky has been fair to me with freespins about 7/10. They also pay more than leps usually, but considering its rockys only feature its a bit piss poor really how they can just not drop in for an age
ive had 5 scrolls once and got the 5 hundred william hills.
Iv never had it for more than 2.
that rocky 2 game looks a pile of wank not played it yet dont think i will
had the 5 scrolls a few times, from a  wank £65 on £1 play to  >:D

£250 from 4 scrolls on .................50p play , didnt , couldnt believe it  GTFIT

seen a few vids of reel king doing the 500 from 4 scrolls , on a quid play , so is 250 the max from 50p play

rockys ..................der............der..............der.................. >:D GTFIT

got well n truy slapped by rocky yestday, biggish pots 500 gold, 360 odd silver and over 150 on bronze

just sat ther feeding the fat twat , lesson learned, should have walked alot earlier, serious loss , liked this machine till then  hammer

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