Most amusing fault / biggest overpay
Played a hi-lo hi-lo today for the first time in weeks. 

Seemed fairly happy and offered £19 cashout after about a tenner in and £43 after £50 so I pushed on. 

£85 in it gave red megastreak which cwrrdtegjit bwhhkkfffghke for £150. A nice £65 raise I thought. 

But as it spat out the first £15 in coins nothing appeared in the tray. Stuck my finger up there and out came 15 coins and another 45 of their mates, presumably stuck since the bloke did a refill that morning, making my raise up to £110. 

Which was nice. 

What's the most amusing fault or largest overpay you guys have had?
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I suppose a fairly amusing fault is when a machine shows you its given you a red nr - on machine that you know red nrs mean no lose and it kills you, upon getting in on next board you find the nr reel is permanently showing red hi and lo due to a bulb problem. Oh the laughs.
And of course- and ive mentioned it before, a machine that outwardly says its a 5 quid jackpot but pays out like its a 25
There was a £10 homers meltdown in a kebab shop in South London years ago that paid £10 for every win, from £1 to the jackpot. I took about £30 but was getting such evils from the turks cooking my burger I didn't dare empty it and never went back
Going back a good few years there was a £4.80 machine called connect (I think), but it probably worked on all the cabinets.
Stick in 10p. Only partial play, press collect and out popped a pound. Did a quid instead of 10p ever 3 collects. Simple empty in a services. Not so easy in pubs
Didn’t happen to me but my mate put £1 in a triple 7, gave the credit but the £1 coin fell right through into the tray. Rinsed and repeated
(09-19-2019, 01:12 AM)Moff Wrote: Didn’t happen to me but my mate put £1 in a triple 7, gave the credit but the £1 coin fell right through into the tray. Rinsed and repeated

Know of this happening also. Lads done extremely well for a couple weeks before it was noticed.

As far as I know It hasn't been fixed - they've just taped over the coin slot. This was a year or two back, mind.
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