Dxcellent vs FruitEmu
I've been a member of fruit emu for many years, but it seems more emulators are now available on Dxcellent. 

Are they in competition? Do emulator users get files from both?

And I've got lost with regards to which is the latest and best emulator to use...
I think you mean Desert Island Fruits (DIF)? DXCellent is Pooks part of the website for his releases.

DIF & F-E aren't in competition, until a few weeks ago most releases would be on both sites, but since someone was found out to be selling copies of the emulator & machines on ebay and the F-E Admin hasn't bothered to ban them or do anything to stop them, we as layout creators have decided not to release there until it's sorted.

Wizard, the author of MFME took this stance a long time ago when he noticed the emulator being sold on ebay & releases the emulator exclusively at DIF.

The best emulator to use is the latest MFME V19 which has a built in updater (CLick About then click check for updates), but to use it you need to be running Windows 10 - http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/.../252-mfme/

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