Pubs letting kids gamble
Found this article from march whilst looking for something else. Quite interesting

90% of premises tested failed to prevent kids playing the fruits.
Would love to have the job of enforcing ALL slot regulations nationwide, with the power to punish.
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Yeah. Been a massive pain though Wetherspoons not turning them on till nine
Is that something JDW have recently implemented? Not turning on machines until 9am? anyone else had this experience?
(08-28-2019, 04:40 PM)paggamaggaloo Wrote: Yeah. Been a massive pain though Wetherspoons not turning them on till nine

A.M presumably?
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My local JDW gives no fucks and turns them on at opening hours
#7! lol
Problem is - and I don't blame them for this - but it's just an extra thing for them to think about and remember. So if you time it to get down about 9.10am there's every chance they won't switch them on till 9.30..9.40...whatever.
of course you can ask/remind them but do you really want to be doing that often?
Seems weird that it's not the same everywhere mind
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I’ve been told to get off them an hour before they shut because they’re turning them all off. It’s to do with the licensing is all I get when I argue

Some pubs have been turning them off at 9pm!!
Marching on together
I once had the barman remotely turn off the machine in a Spoons that I was still playing and was flashing (it was an Oliver Twist and I was just trying to fill up the streaks). I hung round a bit outside and watched him turn it back on after closing and start playing it himself.
Luckily he didn’t know what he was doing so went back for absolute doors and got it first board.
That happened.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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What's that smell ?
(08-29-2019, 01:14 PM)dondplayer Wrote: What's that smell ?

True story! Honest.
It's like a pincer movement. Eventually the.machines will only be switched on between 11am and 2pm

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