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Here is recent piece that was in Coinslot by Paul Johnson who some of you may remember used to be a regular poster on Fruitchat under the name cool. I think Paul is grasping at straws here.  It would take some serious financial incentives to get quiz games to make comeback in the pub in any significant way.

I think it's quite a neat idea to stick a SWP quizzer in the ipub with all the slots, but they make a tiny fraction of the cash box of those randoms so pubs might not want to risk people spending an hour on the machine spending £20 when it could have taken £200
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Look the guy is talking absolute bollocks. I used to play quiz machines all the time. In case he is looking the problems in no particular order are.
The prize payout. 15+ years ago it was possible to play a stand alone Who wants to be a millionaire machine or later a weakest link machine and get a top prize of £20. This top prize has never gone up. In fact on most quiz machines over the last 10 years you will find a Jp of £10, often on some being able to achieve only 3/4 quid and you can often be asked stupid blocker question dieing early on eg i remember being asked: on average, in slovakia what % of coke drunk is pepsi cola, answers being like 25, 30, 35, 40% or how many hairs are there on the back of an average dog. Its the same problem with fruit machines not being in bookies, why would a pub site a quiz machine that might take 10-20 quid a week vs a fruity that takes 100- and im being light on those totals. Gastropubs incidently do generally have fruit- that should read slot machines. Its the old mans pub that doesnt site these and never will. Now that WWTBAM is back why not produce more machines?
Obviously a closing down of pubs will affect volume but that's the same for fruits/slots. These multi quiz machines dont really help either. There are quiz shows out there, why did the chase quiz have to be so shit with a top prize of about 3 quid, often you were offered something like 75p- which of course you cant round up- so essentially u were playing for no win. Perhaps a who dares wins quiz?
Quiz machine hardware belongs in museums as well. Gamestec's ones run Windows 2000, and the paragons ain't much better. Perhaps they could put quiz games on these big screen jukeboxes as a 2 in 1 unit?

Stupid to put it on an ipub though

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