Willy Hill’s
Up to 700 stores to close... thoughts? 

1.  Diddums
2.  Yeah I feel for the staff but Hill’s must have a bucket load of funds to pay them all very healthy redundancy packages.
3.  Surely this has to be good news for fruits?
Healthy redundancy packages?! They'll get the bare minimum or just get shoved into one of the remaining 1,600 shops lol

Also what good news for fruits?  Many Wetherspoons now actually look quite similar to Hills with their 4+ iPubs!  Many of which now don't even feature pub fruit games!
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My guess is that these closures will be mostly confined to the many smaller shops that opened just soon after the fruits got binned and roulette had taken over big style!

Not sure what would constitute good news for fruits these days, I reckon there are many factors against them now, but wouldn't mind being proved wrong!
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The fruits in bookies got binned probably 15 years ago so. If all the extra units that opened to accommodate the extra roulette machines close then sod them. There's probably as many bookies open now as there was 20 years ago who cares if they've lost a few in between. Yeah as for fruits it wont make any difference, the bookies machines are in the pubs now, just 100 versions of them. Saw a spoons last year with seven virtually identical digital machines. Not been in since
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I’m just thinking, with the £100 stakes fruit machines weren’t getting a look in, now it’s been proven that the £2 stake has had dire consequences on FOBTs. Which has made it a more level playing field, and if people are punting fruits a bit more it might have an effect, I don’t know.. it can’t be worse than it was though I guess..

In regards to redundancy, how many millions have bookies made from FOBTs? And now it’s not going their way they’re sulking.. (haha they sound like us players moaning about the game being up) I’m guessing that yeah, they must have opened a load of stores to accommodate for the 4 to a store rule, and now it’s gone tits up they’ll be closing them again. But they’ve still made an absolute killing and the staff deserve a decent payout. However, I personally think it’s the best thing our wanky government have done.
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They deserve far worse than what they are getting i'd say. Seriously terrible service in those places. One near me the cubicle in the men's has said out of order for 9 months. Yesterday I was in one and the air con wasn't working and they had again decided not to fix it as the quote was too high. Sweltering in there, and of course ZERO chance of a cold drink! At least arcades usually look after you with half decent refreshments?! Oh and generally, how good is the staff's customer service?

Yes it hurts plenty of employees but it is the companies that have caused it, not the law change, and in time most of those staff will will find better jobs in the sense that they will have better employers and their income will not be built largely around the misery of problem gambling.
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And gambling companies complaining about "losing money"? FUCKING TOUGH SHIT CUNTS!!!!!!
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Is it minimum wage at a bookies? It’s a blessing in disguise for them if you ask me.. wish I’d get made redundant to be fair would give me a well needed kick up the ringpiece
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A lot of bookies staff will be on zero hours or close to it contracts, so Hills will bin them first to avoid paying off staff with better contracts and longer service.

In some ways the bookies have ended up with a shit deal, they gave up roulette games with 50K max prizes after Casinos complained, part of that deal was the £100 spins

Now those have gone and the slots are level,  arcades have exactly the same games with the £2 so-called enhanced games.

They were greedy though and just opened shops to place 4 more FOBTS on the high street.

Won't be the last batch of bookies closures
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Is there a review of stakes and prizes for AWPs due anytime soon? It seemed to go from 25-35-70-100 in no time at all
Already happened, and rightfully got turned down!
I'd be surprised if they don't just convert some to arcades with over the counter betting. In fact I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet
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Apparently 60per cent of their customers are problem gamblers which means their business model is expoiting that. IE the problems aren't a by-product.
That's all FObt bookies not just Hills
I had a grand at 6/5 on it being under 700.5 shop closures.  Great stuff  :D
After I fell out with AWPs around 2010, I became an avid B3 player for the next 8 years.  So I wasn't the Maybot's intended target as she was targeting the B2 roulette and hi-stakes (£10+) slots.  However I did become a target indirectly, as shortly after the Maybot's Autumn statement, the operators started to panic by silently lowering the B3 slot RTPs, percent by percent.  This became evident when I realised that I only had 2 cash-outs in the first 4 months of 2019.  It was using up my entertainment budget.

So I was penalised for my semi-regular B3 punts, where really the problem gamblers were meant to be the targets.  Like trying to kill a fly with a cannonball.  I stopped playing (clean for nearly 3 months now), and a lot of other unintended targets will have stopped playing too.

My stance on the closures?  The bookmakers continued to be greedy by reducing the RTP to as low as 86% - just watch some of the recent Stop & Step videos!  Most people aren't idiots and will vote with their wallet and take their business elsewhere.  The fact that I've stopped playing doesn't make me a better person though.  I still waste some of my money, just on other things like takeaways.

My stance on the Maybot's Autumn statement?  It was pretty useless imo.  Yes she killed some of the bookmakers (greedy or not), but the hardened B2 addicts will simply move to online gambling and get their fix by placing £50 roulette bets on there instead.  Plus, online gambling has the added danger of allowing players to bet more than £50 / £100 per roulette spin.  Slots can be played at £40 a spin etc.  The Autumn statement has achieved NOTHING.
How many takeaways are you eating like??
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Regarding going elsewhere, I suppose yeah you could go online, however I have Gamstop in use so can’t bet online (there are probably ways around it) it has made the FOBTs so much more unappealing and I’ve probably only lost a few hundred on them rather than the few grand I probs would have gone through. I haven’t touched a FOBT for a couple of months or so now, something definitely had to be done in my opinion and I’m glad it’s come in.
When I started out bookies were for bets and pubs for machines! Then bookies got pub units and it all bacame part of the daily 'run' to check a few bookies, pubs companies then decided the best thing to do was to get rid of true skill and bookies got there licence to print money with the roulette machines, all in all, wiping out anyone other than addicts!
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Are you still a chef? How's it going got any stars yet, either Michelin or for making 8 quarter pounders in 3 minutes?!!

Curious timing to pop up with a post in the Willy Hill section!
And in serious news...


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