Paragon quiz machine problem
Hi guys,
           I have a Paragon quiz machine for home use that I bought last year.It has been working fine up to now but now the coins are getting stuck somewhere in the mechanism and not awarding credits.This kind of thing did occasionally happen with the ones in pubs.I would imagine this is fairly simple to remedy (I hope) but I am not the handiest person around with DIY and techy stuff,so before I take things apart and fail to put them together again,if anyone can give me some pointers,it would be much appreciated.Cheers.
Turn it off, take the mech out (unplug it) Pull the reject bit of it and shake it a bit to clear the jam, then give it a wipe with a dry cloth.
Cheers Slasher,that worked,much appreciated!
No worries. Happy to help!

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