DOND memories
(08-27-2019, 06:54 AM)paggamaggaloo Wrote: OMG yesterday I somehow put around £50 into a "monopoly daddy" that never gave me more than the lowest deal board. Beyond frustrating. Don't know how I got sucked in tbh.
I just know that the minute these fuckers start with the "next board within £6" shit they're best left alone.

Clever machines aren't they. 
I stupidly gave £12 back to a Rainbows Gold after a £150 because it was flashing inner board next game. But it killed me second press. Normally I'll walk after a 150 even if it means the next person gets the 'that's your lot' spin!
I once amazingly grew a set of massive balls and no dealt a split on the Bust on the Daddy. It gave me £100, with restart chance which hit yes and gave me another £25. Was stunned
(08-27-2019, 09:27 PM)Moff Wrote: I once amazingly grew a set of massive balls and no dealt a split on the Bust on the Daddy.  It gave me £100, with restart chance which hit yes and gave me another £25.  Was stunned

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Yeah that does sound almost unbelievable, don't get me wrong put 200 in without playing a game and it will be the ton but still.....
It definitely happened. I also put all that back through and about another 120 before it gave go all the way which even more incredibly went for a 2er. Did these get chipped coz this was definitely Broken
@Moff I do believe you! Why do you think you got so lucky? I’d agree with my good friend @HoveSam and assume £200 in with no wins is most likely £100 out and if you really went for it you’d never, ever hit more than a 76%/78% return on what you put in on any modern Bell Fruit. You didn’t say how much you put in but assume loads!  Cry
(03-07-2017, 09:27 PM)dondplayer Wrote: Really amazing result tonight - now I used to play these when they were new because they buzzed up once dealing really quick - even had a method to make it happen quicker although maybe the method was just what would happen regardless.

Anyway have not touched one of these for months - then last night I had a go (see above) - so tonight watching a guy on DOND Easy Money lol - while I'm watching I take on the Daddy next to it.

About 25 in for DOND Lite - don't buzz up - nightmare - £60 in it gives DOND Daddy - OK I think I'll hope for a 40s deal and a 15 loss - last 4 boxes are 100/100/<low>/<low> - no deal - it takes out the two low boxes  :-/ - never known that before - so a 100/100 finish for 100 offer.

Lost about a fiver on the Easy Money after lol

Does happen on the Daddy - rare as though - see my quote from ages back - best i had before that was a 45 offer on a finish
I wasn’t much in at all. I could’ve walked with 125 after about 50 in. When they first came out I forced one and it took the absolute piss would not relent.. ended up collecting £100 then it went dead for about 15/20 and offered me another ton.. then shit loads of afters and a 60+ off the bust I was about 280 in and took 330 out of it. Tried it again Months later and got my arse handed to me along with my bollocks
I forced one once... £270 in gave me £20 win on the reels then £100 GATW then £100 on the Deal next board so about £80 down. Utterly mortified at the time but in retrospect can’t believe how lucky I was.
I like the Daddy concept, but you rarely leave in profit

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