Category B3 gone to pot?
(04-02-2019, 08:01 PM)ridye Wrote:

That's pissed on their bonfire!

Shame I think the cycling theme would have been fun!
How would sanctions work re betfred and paddy power? are we thinking stake limits across all shops to below a certain number, say £50, or not allowed to use FOBTs for say, 6 months? or monetary sanctions?
They have blatantly tried to circumvent the laws (we have 3 betfreds in Weymouth, one every 100m through a single street in town) this seems akin to the £675 jackpot on 25 line on the old S16's that 1 company tried to do.
I'd love to see the sanction be All their faulties turned off for 6 months so they know to not try and get fucking clever again.
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