New Games after the £50 spins go

Interesting video from Stop and Step, showing the new games in the bookies going forward after the £50 spins are baned in April

Some games like Flowers and 7's to burn are just offering the same game as they did on the £20 games for £2 a spin

Others it looks like nothing has changed! They offer you a pre-game @£2 a spin that if you hit 3 symbols you get 5 spins on the main game.

Action bank was so blatant, it had 3 tiers of the game which was clearly just the old £20, £30 and £50 mega games

So you just get to blow £50 @£2 a spin now before getting your 5 super spins Dodgy

As always he did well on them !!
Yeah looks like nothing's really changed! Except maybe on roulette?
If the bookies try these tactics to get round the why of why they are being reduced then I hope the government comes down on them like a fucking ton of bricks.
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Their solution seems to be install a million of those self service betting terminals per branch to get people doing brains on the horses instead! I think someone said the roulette you will be able to turn on turbo mode and bypass the spin animation too!

Having said that though you walk past bookies these days and it never seems like that many people are even bothering with the FOBTs any more anyway - go back 10 years where you had to literally queue up to get on one at peak times!
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Some forecasts indicate that a certain percentage of players may not migrate to alternative games or products which leads me to hold concerns that they may simply turn to online. Not only does this jeopardise the ability of some betting shops to continue to operate, there will be no friendly staff to carry out those all important responsible gambling interactions.

Oh, you must mean those all important 'would you like a tea or coffee' interactions when you take a ticket to the counter to cash out!
Better than in an arcade you’ve never been in.

If ur over 70yrs old they’re all over you.

If ur between the ages of 18-69 then u must be a criminal and therefore not be offered a drink and watched at all times.
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megastreaklover01, paggamaggaloo

Turbo roulette with a bigger house edge...and a £72 jackpot!
I wish these £2 stakes were in already before I did £20x £50 spins without a single
win the other day Sad

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