Gamble in the galley etc
From the vast experience of members on here, who thinks this is bent? I’ve lost count of MS spins on a goodish win but never ever had it when I took the risk! Yes I know it shouldn’t be etc but it feels so rigged. Opinions?
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Had it quite a few times. Most usually after a flat and a big loss to either give a small loss or a small profit. Had it a couple of times for a biggish profit. Once went for £200 on a Live Or Let Pie and once for £150 on a Treasure.

£100 rigged though. It spins it in AFTER, what more evidence do you need? 99% of the time it’s a lie!
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Fenso, megastreaklover01
There is no MS on live and let Pie gamble? Or was that from the deal?
More bent that elton john.

Thats the magic of a compensated game.
(01-31-2019, 03:51 PM)Moff Wrote: There is no MS on live and let Pie gamble?  Or was that from the deal?

Yeah, got the MS off the deal which went for £200. Only time I’ve ever had it go past £150. It was late, I was drunk, I’d probably stuck about £180 in and I was randomly mashing buttons!
This question only gets posted on here about a million times a's a Betcom what do you expect?!
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Must be legit on Pipeye lol I've never seen it say MEGA STREAK or C A S H P O T after declining the kind offer of GITG!

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