SG Pie Gamble - Rigged?
Ok will try to keep this short and sweet, but need input here?

I am basically a pie gambler on the SG Digital £500's (Kings Honour,  Raging Rhino, Soldier Of Rome etc ).  Pie to 12/15 free spins, try to pie the FS result high using a combo of part bank and 50/50 pie.

The pie is supposed to be a random chance, but I am finding it rigged to lose more often than it should,  when 50/50 pie'ing to the point where the gamble to free spins would be around 75% in favour of getting them, if that makes sense.

Quick tally up from my last session on Kings Honour - 50/50 pies (the critical one that would enable a pie to free spins with favourable odds):.  227 pies, Lost 152 Won 75.  Seems bent to me.
Black knight loves to hit the top when it's 9/10ths green!
Hate those colossal reel games with a passion, ooh a 854584549 line win = not even enough to buy a Freddo bar
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