Bell Fruit Robin Hood (the Prince of Thieves)
Hi All,
Just turned up in my local 'Beefeater'. Any tips including 'don't play' Wink

Don’t play and enjoy a beef burger instead lol
Don’t fill yourself up at the salad cart and not leave any room for your steak.

Or is that a Harvester?

(11-22-2018, 08:18 PM)Top Tramp Wrote: Don’t fill yourself up at the salad cart and not leave any room for your steak.

Or is that a Harvester?


Been busted on that many times
Shit but slightly less shit than chicken bum
Forced one out £140 for £120 maximum MS the other day. #pointless
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Thankyou all, looks like u saved me a 'painful' time.
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I assume these can go past 120?
no had 2 and 1 chase the raindow do 120s
The last machine that was any good was Batman Power Up, released over a year and a half ago, which in itself was mainly a clone of a machine that is now nearly FIVE YEARS OLD!

Bell Fruit have given up, Reflex have given up, G Squared have given up, basically enjoy your Betcoms until they commit suicide and change their profile!
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megastreaklover01, Slasher
Lets see how that goes down shall we. Wonder how many of you change your tune wishing betcoms go back to forcers after newer profiles are unleashed. Haha it will be gold.......
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Next up is the betcom clones of their random games on reel cabs like g squared did!
Peter Griffin, haha! Best thing that can happen for most people that play fruits for a living is that it becomes unviable so they can live a normal, happier and more fulfilling life. There is NO LOSS for hardly anyone long term if it happens...
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megastreaklover01, Moff
Its such a shame it has come to what it has... Having played since i was 18... Never a pro by any means and never a situation where I could rely on machines for a living. They were fun pre £100. Its mad that its really only BTC games that allow people like the majority on here... (Including me up until a year ago) to play...casual or force for a small raide or small loss (most of the time)

What has seriously let things down also are the peripheral issues like coin and note mechs...

We all love a flutter and no one wants to lose but i just cant see myself ever sitting on a reflex or a bellfruit (these days) for fear that the loss could be in the 100's...

BTC machines have always been considered the easy force and occasionally good for the joe casual also.

The other issue is the game clones... So its either churn out same old same old until extinction. Or 'newer' style games get tested with the inevitable profile changes from the normal BTC.... and see what bites :)

Either way, it will never ever be the same as it used to be during the £35/£70 era for me. No mainstream chain or supplier will go for anything that isnt £100 JP (with some exceptions)

The pub fruit... The traditional analogue... is taking a massive massive downward spiral... Maybe another year or two left. Lost count how many spoons have converted to digi only now.

Anyway.. It will be interesting to see how things develop.
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The push for random is on, and it needs to do one
If those that have played with any degree off success on compensated fruits wind up playing randoms long term.....
The stupid thing about the randoms in pubs is the chance of getting a bonus on one from experience is about the same as getting a bonus on the £500 equivalent in the bookies anyway!
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I played that Pixie in the Forest game in the bookies earlier, having previously played it in the casino. Almost £70 in on 25p to get a feature that paid £4.25 off 19 free spins! Highest win in base was about £2 and it was going tenners at a time without even a 25p win! Fuck knows how they can be legal, unless the lower stakes have to compensate for wins paid out out on the higher stakes? Just doesn't seem right to me!
How many years till the pub hi tech disappears completely and we’re left with ipub erm 6 maybe by then lol and blueprints newest digital offering!
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