Which B3 slots also existed as S16?
I've only been playing the £500ers since 2010 and they have already changed to being B3s by then.

Was 2007 the year when they went from S16s to being B3s?

What were some of the earliest S16 titles?  I know that Reel King was an S16 because I remember hearing the sound effects in the arcade while I was playing AWPs.  I think there was Elvis as well?  Then possibly Rocky and Monty's Millions as well.  Thai Flower is still one of my favourite B3-category slots, but I don't know if that was ever an S16?  Just curious Smile  Ring Sting, who doesn't post here any more loved his Jackpot King and I guess that was S16 era too.  Possibly Mega Bars as well as it was in the same cabinet.
party games slotto was a s16 orginally before being converted to a b3
Quite a lot of members may not know what you are talking about (I don't mean mr x!) with B3 and S16.
Jackpot king is compensated so no it wasn’t.

Loads of the old crests were s16. Elvis, rainbow riches etc.

Astra had a few out also.

CMS had some right ropey ones where you could actually bet £10 a spin believe it or not. As well as some physical reel based games also.

Mazooma and belfruit had several aswell.

Cba racking my brains for all the titles of the above but there were plenty.

They then got limited to £1 stake for a while. CMS got round this by allowing you to gamble winnings with fortune spins. All a bit shadey really.

Not quite sure why they were allowed to go back up to £2 a spin tbh.
Also if I remember(forgive me my details are sketchy) arcades were only allowed 4 of these machines each at the time.

Their way of getting round this?

Build a little ring fence round each set of 4!!

Then put another 4 in a different area of the arcade and build another ring fence!! Very tough rules back in those days!!

As I said I can’t remember the legality behind all this but they were definitely supposed to be limited to 4 per arcade.
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i remember when elvis first came out as s16 some geezer played it in quicksilvers from opening until shutdown time (they weren't 24 hour back then) for 2 days straight.
i remember how angry he was on the second day and thought he wouldn't be back when i went back the next day.
next day I popped in and he was in there wih staff counting up notes for £3.5K to give him while he continued to play it.
never saw him in the arcade again, but did see him a few days after in the high street. reckons he was nearly 13K deep into in at one point when it went on a run on the third day making him "only" 8.5K down overall.

there was still quite a few playables around and i didn't play £500s or fobts back then and watching how much could be lost in them kept me away for quite a while.
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Thanks guys, I was curious as I was late on the bandwagon Smile

@HoveSam - the current UK gambling act places fruit machines in categories A B C and D. Cat D is the £5 and £8 jackies. Cat C are the standard pub fruit machines. B4 are club machines. B3 are the £500ers. B2 is bookies FOBT roulette. B1 is bricks and mortar casinos. Cat A is online gambling. In the previous UK gambling act, the machines had S-numbers, the higher the number the more dangerous they were. So S16 is what became B3. The pub fruities were S5 and the £5/£8 jackies were S3. This was effective up to about 10 years ago, then they became A B C and D.

@PMK - I heard nightmare stories about the S16s being £2 a spin. In the B3 era, I have only ever played them on £1 a spin, so yes I don't know why they went up to £2 again. I didn't know they offered a £10 spin as well!

@416 - £8.5k into Elvis is brutal. I know someone who lost £800 on Thai Flower in a single sitting. I'm just glad that I stuck with £50 or £60 float since 2015, then I don't lose more than that amount.
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Astra did Mexicana, Diamond Lines, Bucks Money, Party Games Slotto, Little Devils Slotto, Mega Slot, Reel King, Sinderella and one or two others as S16. Also Golden 7, Bullion Bars 500, Circus Time (Reel King clone) and Winderella.

I remember 8-liner by CMS, Random Spinner and Monopoly from Bell Fruit, and a load of reel-based stuff by Mazooma and Reflex. Electrocoin did a few but were a bit hit-and-miss.

They were weird times because no-one really knew how far to push the boundaries. There was a 'gentleman's agreement' that you couldn't offer a prize over £500 but then Concept did a 3-reeler with 27 lines on which you could win £675, which they eventually changed back to £500. In the end it was a complete free-for-all with games popping up from all sorts of here-today-gone-tomorrow rebuild manufacturers with stakes as high as £10 a spin.

The early Astra stuff like PGS took ridiculous money despite the fact that the coin mechs were utterly shit, with a 20% coin acceptance-rate in many cases. The big plus was the single bank which allowed players to replay winnings quickly without having to collect it out first. Another thing that fuelled the fire was the fact that the profits from S16 machines were tax-exempt because they were classed as bingo machines under the Section 16/21 guidelines. So you had operators lumping earnings from AWP's in with the S16/21 stuff to avoid paying tax on it, which in turn bloated the figures further. Looking back it really was a completely lawless shit-show that has ultimately done a lot more harm than good. Things would have gone this way eventually anyway because of the superior US gambling model and people's desire to adopt it, but it would have taken a lot longer and a lot less damage would have been done to peoples' lives along the way.
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"Concept did a 3-reeler with 27 lines on which you could win £675"

There are a couple of those avaible on the FME these days

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