Stop & Step is also banned!
(02-05-2019, 09:23 PM)ridye Wrote: I see Hills have now got Lucky Lady's Charm in!  Desperate to get some super high variance slots in on shite percentages before the roulette goes eh!

You would have to be a complete mug to be playing that at £2 a go in the bookies with a £500 cap!

I thought that Lucky Lady's Charm has been quite common in the arcades for years.  I'm surprised that it took this long for the bookies to get it.

In land-based casinos, I haven't seen Lucky Lady's Charm but I have seen Dolphin's Pearl which I think is just a re-skin.
I see Stop And Step has grown a beard.


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(02-24-2019, 01:21 PM)Top Tramp Wrote: I see Stop And Step has grown a beard.

Must be getting ready for "Monte Carlo today... "  Smile
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"Monte Carlo today in a helicopter"
*plays lucky charms then goes back home* lol
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