Biggest Betcom swizz ever...

Get this for a swizz. (Video attached).

Stick in £157.

Oliver's Twist logo flashes, gone invincible.

£100 in the Twist Meter.

Machine gets stuck hi-loing on the Twist arrows - won't go into the Twist Streak in the middle.

Clearly drops in the final Mega Streak bag at 35 seconds.

Then auto collects SUPER STREAK for £48, then machine resets itself.

So end up £109 down.

How are you supposed to explain that to the barman/engineer?

Grrr....  Cry

New guaranteed IM value from Betcom - not 150, not 100 but the new ripoff value of 48 lol
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Nice to see the proof Tramp! Would have liked to see a bit more though, surely you didn't stop recording there?!!

You say reset but you mean restarted, it's obviously just a reforce for me.... you'd prob have ended up winning!
Yeah, I put in another £70 for red MS £100/£150 which went up to £100, then the machine reset again so I left it there, £79 down in total.
Told manager machine is royally fucked so hopefully now permanently switched off at the wall.
How on earth was gold pot on 73 on a flash board? Was it resetting throughout or something! Takes like 5/6 boards for gold pot to get upto 90 minimum per board!!!

Pretty fucking sick what you far though!!!!
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Top Tramp
@ob Yeah machine kept on resetting so what are y’gonna do?
Smash a load of buttons through on other machines from the same supplier!!!

That’s downright obscene.
Go round with a list doing all the buttons on power ups, get your revenge!
That company is a fucking disgrace.
If it kept rebooting then why play it? Sounds like the program has corrupted due to faulty hardware - which is ultimately down to the supplier to maintain, so who was the supplier?
Yeah but how can you/when is it possible to get involved with the supplier?
Pint of snakebite over their pool table....
Did you see which supplier was on the label Top Tramp? There have been known issues with hardware not kept up to date with firmware which could result in software corruption or potentially even a memory leak which could explain the resets. Either way this was clearly not designed to do that. Did you manage to capture anything after by any chance?
Yeah I’ve got a longer video... after resetting the machine auto dumps the £48, and as I said I went in for a reforce to claim back some loses. But the machine kept on resetting itself, maybe three or four times per force?
It’s in my local and still on but I’ve tried not to play it.
Do you think I should send video to supplier?
Surely they won’t understand how I’ve been diddled?
PS It’s Gamestec.
I did get money back from them once before when the pub that owed me money shut down!
Probably ten grands worth of "diddling" plus to the active members of this board, quit the whining about your sodding few quid Tramp!!
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megastreaklover01, Top Tramp
I’ll get my coat...
Got any other vids of you playing machines Tramp?
I could stick a few more on YouTube but doesn’t everyone hate people “giving the game away?” lol

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