Historic AWP makes / manus
I was inspired by 416's thread on historic jackpots, so thought I'd ask the same about makes.  This is also about mergers, takeovers, manus that have left the game, newcomers to the game, multiple trading names and subdivisions.

I will have missed lots out so feel free to add to this, and feel free to point out mistakes as I will have probably made loads.

Barcrest: originated from Bass Brewery, became one of the biggest AWP brands (alongside Bellfruit) and dominated until the early 2010s.  Then they got taken over by Scientific Gaming.  I think SG also took over Games Media, or SG are Games Media as a different trading name?  Bacrest continues as an outlet for digital content, again as a trading name only.

Red Gaming: a subdivision of Barcrest.  They pretty much disappeared when Barcrest was taken over in the early 2010s.

Games Media: dominated the mid-2005s with the likes of Money Magic and Juggling Jackpots.  Then I think they were involved in the SG takeover of Barcrest (see Barcrest above).

Bellfruit: the other dominant force through much of the 90s and 2000s along with Barcrest.  Then they had a tie-in with B3 maker Astra (now Novamatic) but continue to make AWPs as of 2018.

Mazooma: an AWP maker with tech (Scorpion) licensed from Bellfruit.  Mazooma was big business throughout much of the 2000s then disappeared without trace around 2008/9.  I think Monopoly Road To Riches was one of their last games.

Maygay, Vivid, Global and Extreme: these all got swallowed up by Barcrest around 2005/6 to stifle competition.  At one time, all of these were advertised / listed on a portal alongside Barcrest and Red Gaming.  I remember seeing the 6 entities listed together, then you could browse their games / brochures.

JPM / Sega: pick a casino scene from one of the earlier Bond films and you'll see slot machines with Sega's name on it.  Sega went on to make the successful Master and Megadrive consoles, and branched out with JPM for its fruit machine outlet.  It therefore made sense that JPM made the Sonic the Hedgehog AWP.  Sort of fizzled out in the early 2000s and made a short-lived comeback around 5 years ago.  I never saw any of their comeback machines though.

Empire: big stuff back in the 90s and early 2000s but not sure what happened after that.  IIRC they were remembered for having a supportive stance on the emulation scene.

Blueprint: fairly new to the game with a few of their own AWPs but predominately a provider for B3 / digital.

Betcom, Reflex, G-Squared: they went over my head as I have no idea about these - whoosh!

People here will need to add Ace and others as they were before my time.

I think BWB did rebuilds?  E.g. Barcrest did King Kebab, then BWB re-issued it under a slightly different name.  What about QPS?  I remember Frutopia by Mazooma and QPS re-issued it as Fruit Pots, but otherwise it was the same gameplay and same sounds.

What about Whitbread, the guys who own Premier Inn?  I seem to recall that Whitbread had an outlet for AWPs.
Project - The best manu ever.
Electrocoin too
Was gonna mention electrocoin, couple of months ago i saw an electrocoin multi machine, i looked at the brand thinking i remember  this make. Im sure they used to make fruities but feels like a long time ago, im sure i hadnt seem one for a long time
Whitbread made chips for certain machines for their pubs etc. Was it a softer game? I cant remember in all honesty


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Cheers for the responses guys. I think Betcoin and Electrocoin just slipped by for me, like with Betcom and Reflex. Just never got to know the brands.

Good call on Project though PMK. I should have remembered that one really.

Peko - the Whitbread machines definitely have a softer profile, more casual friendly. It was the opposite of Red Gaming which was geared towards players.
When do you think making a decent living from playing machines legitimately actually started?

I'm sure there were lots of unethical ways to beat the likes of the machines in this video but anything else must have been a no no?!


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