Anyone into vaping?  

Just bought myself a coil building kit and an unregulated squonk mod, built myself a couple of coils and got it up and running.  Awesome.  So much better than regular tank with replaceable coils IMO!!  Just learning about ohms law etc. and it's a lot of fun.  Anyone else into it?  I'm using a geekvape athena with a single coil build.
Seems like a lot of hassle building coils etc tbh?! Use a uwell Valyrian myself decent tank!
I don't get the point of all the fiddly hassle of building.

Running an ARCO 2 + Ijoy Captain for massive clouds.
I got the valyrian too, used to use it really good tank to be fair. I found that certain flavours would taste burnt very quickly with most sub ohm tanks, and id go through coils like no tomorrow. Building your own really is more simple than it sounds, takes a few seconds and the coil will last several weeks. Rewicking the cotton needs to be done more regularly and was a bit fiddly at first but done it a few times now and isn't too bad. Spent a tenner on cotton and wire and I've got enough material there to last me several years!
All down to personal preference tbh, main advantage for me is the massively enhanced flavour
Gave up smoking three years back. Cold turkey. Had to stop the booze as well to make it stick.
All just ways to make you spend money on literally thin air imo!
Fair play to you there pagg, to give up alot of things you do have to give up other stuff like booze. Even going into a bookies can be put down to still feeling down/tired/depressed couple days after. Even if you want to give up chocolate or desserts you are best off not eating certain dinners like pasta, chips etc.
Same applies to if you usually go over "your limit" then don't start in the first place or only have the resources to be able to stick to what you are happy with - don't have enough money available to buy 20 drinks/drugs/casino, don't buy a few chocolate bars thinking you aren't having em all in one sitting.

On the vape thing I have seen a smoke alarm set off in a casino, surprised the are allowed indoors tbh!
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