Non-tilt days in a row...
What's your record non-tilt days in a row? 
I reckon four for me! Angry

Was doing great until for some stupid reason got involved with a BigBox - left £56 down having ran out of money. 
Was debating going back with more cash but thought better of it. Embarrassing that I even went near the piece of crap
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Rarely tilt but alcohol will do it for me - boredom or making a silly error can lead to taking on something i would not usually touch with a barge pole
Just alcohol for me.

Back in the mid-2000s though, me + mates would pass a bottle of poppers around while out clubbing. Think it's still legal actually, not classed as one of those legal (now illegal) highs. Gives you a brief blood rush to the head. Some of us did laughing gas as well which was widely available in the clubs. Not seen it for years now.

At the clubs that I still go to, it is rare for the bouncers to search us. Think it's a sign of the times in that most people who still go clubbing are now past drugs.

Still plenty of weed about though, just not in the clubs. They're out and about and approx. one-third of my age lol
Can go a couple of months without tilting but when it sets in... It really sets in
Might be on tilt in about 30 minutes!

Is this seriously fucking going to happen?!
Slots and 500s can tilt me real bad. Fruits.... not as much these days luckily, but it can happen to the best of us
Almost almost almost tilted up after losing 70 on a juggling earlier. Spaffed 40 in the bookies before fucking off and pulling it back elsewhere. You seen red yet Sam?
I was referring to the England game! Come on, even brought a tear to my eye when we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had a score on Columbia going through, if it had been 200 for the 510 I may have not cared either way.

Depending odds on next game I may go big on Sweden qualifying, either lose a few ton or it's semi final time!
Yeah heart in my mouth when they equalized... half watching half braining the bust on a streetwise haha
Went back today - literally nobody had played it in the 24 hours since I'd left it! lol
..even though all the other games had been played.
I won on some other stuff so couldn't resist seeing what happened with Big Cocks -
no surprises here - quick to red reel - deal next board - blah blah blah - nine quid for board - dealt for £14.65
didn't take gamble which would have halved it - didn't repeat.

Stupid game.
If you are going to deal that there is very very little point playing as 2 boards could easily cost a score.
(07-04-2018, 09:58 PM)HoveSam Wrote: If you are going to deal that there is very very little point playing as 2 boards could easily cost a score.

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43:30 onwards has just tilted me to the extreme! HOW?!?!?!
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aboza21, HoveSam
Should have had his favourite fruit in the background, Wonderfall!

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Fuck me, as a teacher you don't want one of your pupils turning up for a meal in a pub when you're 180 into a Blackbeard's Bounty that then does a flat.

That's tilt right there.

Soon turned out that mum works behind the bar and saw me shovelling the £20's in. Now she knows I'm her teacher.

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Aaaah, there are few better feelings than dropping your absolute guts in a fire hole.
Well every cloud eh gloves, maybe now she knows you are a degenerate it could be game on for a knee trembler at some point, and no I don't mean using the galley gamble on the 100 box! (and I didn't mean with the pupil either!)

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