mfme 6.1
Could anyone point me in the right direction of a copy?

Only place that seems to have it in the whole world is desert island fruits, but signing up/actually getting to the download section seems like 10 times harder than setting up a bank account! Am still waiting for my account to be activated.
i have got it can you pm a email addy or a facebook account i can send it to you
Sent you a pm  Smile
I understood it to be, that the creator wanted the traffic to their site, since they put the effort it that seems fair to me.
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Yeah I agree, but its been a total ballache so far trying to sign up, which is why I wanted to grab a copy elsewhere. Plus im hardly a leech. Been posting on different forums for about 10 years now.

Im sure I had an account at one point but I guess not. Ill try and logon today and see what happens as mrx hasnt sent it to me  Huh
i have sent it give me 2 secs

just checked it didnt send because yahoo pick up a secuity thereat just resend it sorry about that dude
can you let me know if you have recieved it if you havent i will give you a drop box link
Nope nothing. I think emails are funny when it comes to .exe files
Its all good now. Managed to download it.

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