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(11-21-2018, 06:31 PM)SmegHead Wrote:
(11-20-2018, 09:33 PM)ob Wrote:
(11-20-2018, 02:27 PM)SmegHead Wrote: Try putting the phone in landscape?

Lol obv done that!!!!
Try opening your eyes wider?

Try holding your phone closer to your head?
I'm glad the guy got paid...

It has been a telling few weeks over at Casinomeister - perhaps the masses are starting to realise how independent (or in this case, not) it really is.  
  • First the Jammin' Jars debacle - where affiliates-turned-staff were downplaying the significance of incorrect rules, misleading game design and similar dishonesty;
  • Then the iNetBet case - where Max and Bryan were happy to label the player a fraudster for (allegedly) not disclosing information, but giving the casino a free pass for lying about what had happened, and only overturned because the entire community united against the absurd decisions made (to which naturally they will never apologise or accept fault);
  • Now seems like it is kicking off again with other threads such as BGO peddling their crappy introductory offer - which has already resulted in the rep taking offence and being abrasive, a seven-year member getting banned and the usual suspects defending 40xB WR on a very restricted set of games with both deposit and withdrawal surcharges as "quite favourable"
Incredibly, none of these involve their darling 32Red either.  I remember the discussion about 32Red paying a £2m penalty for failures relating to responsible gambling and money laundering earlier this year - within four hours both Max and Bryan had replied stating that the UKGC had an axe to grind.  Funny enough, in the months since multiple long-time members active in that thread have disappeared - accounts deleted, suspended or banned.

As long as the affiliate money keeps flowing... right?
I think people should go to Vegas instead xD forget online play...they are faceless, much more difficult to obtain money when things go wrong, possibly such a difficulty to negate the 3% difference. Whats the point playing online, given the difficulties, for this extra paltry %RTP. pointless.
Nothing says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year like spunking a wedge of cash into the greedy gaping maw of online slots.

Featured games:

The Goonies
Rocket Fellas Inc
Buffalo Rising
Bonanza (sort of)

A 'Pub Fruit' style online slot!


Nothing has really been catching my eye across the online slots landscape recently, but a 'Pub Fruit' style game by Blueprint, with a marquee DOND feature, 1000x stake jackpot, and cash/feature stacks seemed worthy of further investigation, especially as it advertises itself as an 'AWP' in its attract mode.....

Casinomeister thread -


Naughty Videoslots!

Where's the vid for AWPs percentages? 74% has become the norm.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Yes, even as stakes increase. What are the ideas behind %? Where is the government's rules on minimum % per stake level?

I'd suggest 70 @25p
80 @50p
90 @£1
94 @£2

How can they set a £1 a credit machine on 70%, actually more to the point, why are they allowed to "charge" 30p every single spin? I don't believe it's a fair amount to cover costs! It costs the same per spin regardless of stake?

I am disgusted to see the bookies attempt to circumvent the government enforced stake reduction via "Powerplay", I would love them to be heavily punished, maybe even not letting them have them anymore? The rules are there for a reason and these cunts need to be shown they aren't there to be bent.
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To anyone with half a brain cell it was obvious how they’d get round it.

Ironically nobody in the government has one.

It will change nothing. The government won’t do fuck all either has it relies heavily on that slice of pie.

RE Degsys video - Who is this PMKFRUITPRO that unearthed this disgrace?

What a guy!!!
Thankfully my beloved bonanza won’t be affected.

I somehow ended up having a 21hr session on the game at the weekend.

It’s fair to say Mr PMK became somewhat stressed out during the mass battle!!
How much you make?
Well it took me about 20hrs to get only my 2nd +100x hit.

Needless to say it didn’t end well!!
Buggy new BTG slot, anyone?

Computer software can have a bug in it!? Who’d have thunk it.

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