A short ferry story
Put £1 in cops and robbers. Nudged in three cherries. Gambled lower than a four. Lost. Left in disgust.
Disney been in touch for movie rights yet?
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Better than being 151 in for a 150 atleast.
A surprising number of the machines cashpots had been won. Maybe the switched the profiles back. For many years they were basically unwinnable, having been a free win all through the 90s
I last went to France in 2014 where it had Cops and Robbers back then too. Multiple units. Odd to learn that they're still around now.
Do they still have them on €500 jackpots?
They were £250 jackpots (club machines) when I was on the ferry in 2014.
The reel machines are still £250 jackpot. There was an arcade area with video slots but I didn't even notice the jackpot - probably £500 FOBTs though
No 500 or 1000 jackpots?
(04-17-2018, 05:00 PM)Toastie Wrote: No 500 or 1000 jackpots?

I remember most ferries having a rio Grande and golden games on high jackpots
Yes and Grand Slams.
Anything to those 500 golden games? Always wondered back in the days I played ferries and saw em! Surely someone’s punted the emulator version to death by now!
(04-17-2018, 05:00 PM)Toastie Wrote: No 500 or 1000 jackpots?

What is a £1000 JP machine classed as?  B1 (casino)?

Or is it exempt from the Gambling Act, being on a ferry?
casino i suppose, back in the day 3 or 4 of the 6 fruits would be 1k
I got on a ferry the other day and it was £16 for the worst fish and chips I've ever had. #worstgamblever
The ferries to Ireland still have Cops & Robbers, but also have these 5 reel Vegas type slots that you find in arcades over there.

Single line but wins pay sort of like a scatter, so you just need 3 of a kind anywhere on the reels to win

1-2 Euro a spin on the ferry with 2000X stake Jackpot, in some arcades in Dublin seen stakes as high as 5 euro a spin

Only seen them on the larger ferry not the swift, but that was a couple of years ago.

Takes £ as well as Euro!
(05-21-2018, 08:31 AM)asfish Wrote: Takes £ as well as Euro!

They would, wouldn't they. Greed.
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