Was at a golf club at the weekend whacking off on the range. They had an old DOND club in the bar so I had £20 for old times sake.

How bent is that machine?

It was pretty happy, letting me on the dond game frequently, and always leaving the £100 and £250 to the penultimate round.

Then when I had 1p, £40 and £250 I nearly took a £68 offer, but no dealt to remove the 1p. My offer? £67!

No deal obviously but it was £40. So a £20 raise but wtf?
Ahaha yeah always thought the offers on them were so ridiculously bent!! Didn't like them at all, might have been something on them but I never heard of anything I just assumed they were bad games. Boring gameplay, shit offers, only interesting thing about it was that cashpot which I never got out of one.

I preferred the £500 one, can't remember what it was called but you could get regular DOND up to £25 and then this sort of super DOND which would be up to £500. Regular DOND could offer Super Dond like more modern games offer Cashpot, or you could unlock it by exchanging a win of over £25. Offers were good on them but they'd have to be absolutely flying. Never heard of one actually dropping in the £500 but could put in £200 and split between £200/£500. Probably looking at putting that much into it before it would though! Bad games too really but IMO definitely better than the £250 one!

Talking of rigged offers I was playing a £5 whats in your box the other day, played a DOND game and it left me with £4 and £4.50, offer... £3.97!!! first time I've ever seen an offer lower than any remaining value, made me chuckle
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
Assume you dealt to get it in the empty loop?

chop's video to follow ;)
The 500 dond you mention jerz can give the 500 had it a couple of times.

Was rare though and was normally a good shout just to take the deal!
Hope you washed your hands before playing. Unless ofc it's part of an innovative deterrent to warn other players from popping your buttons.

Played the 250 a few times, set at 25p play. Would play like a bag of ass obviously. Had the super deal in the box once. Best offer was 80 ish but pressed on and ended up with 75 in the box. Conveniently the dodgy owner had 2 of the high box lights out, including the 250
Had said club DEAL over in Germany when I was based out there years ago.. set at €1000 jackpot on 25c, 50c or €1 play. For whatever's reason they were allowed to double our jackpots to compensate The exchange rate back then. Played like a classic cops n robbers but seemed to be nudging in 4 of a kind wins
Had the cashpot nudge in numerous times but with no afters .. however had 4 bells nudge in and still be absolutely Gagging afterwards.. very good times they were
They ruined them when the cashpots stopped being free

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