Progressive jackpots...
Was curious if anyone knows much about them.

Was wondering what would happen if it triggered then you closed the game?

Normally it would just resume where it was/pay the win, but as the pot constantly goes up and up this changes things.

Im assuming its already "paid" the win as soon as it triggers (like most features), no matter if you close the game. Then I also assume it resets the pot and starts again, again regardless of if you close the game or not.

That would be fine and dandy but im curious how the pots are triggered on different games. Genie jackpots for example? If its a pick me thing at what point has the pot being won? As its constantly going up. Would delaying the bonus would give you more?

Feck all chance of winning one anyway but i was just curious about how they work/are triggered.
key point is the big prizes mean a lower rtp for the rest of the game.

odds are lottery sized

you will get longer game playing non progressives, however there is thought that if your going to be losing the money anyway, play a game that gives you a chance no matter how small that you might come out on top.
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LOL very subtle haha
Say what?
(05-16-2019, 04:29 PM)dude_se Wrote: Say what?

The comment has been removed mate was a blatant plug to an online slots casino game
Ah I see cheers

Feel quite special that it was my 2 year old thread that was spammed  :D

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