Rocky £500
Rocky disappeared again from Fobts in ladbrokes.

Excellent game that was
I wish all the games would disappear from the FOBTs in Ladbrokes.
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if the games went all the bookies will be broke as it will be just putting a note and and pressing collect for a ticket

bring back pub fruits in bookies nice and fairer
When B3s used to be S16s, there weren't any slots on the bookies terminals. It just had table games IIRC. S16 slots were confined to arcades and bingo halls.
Anyone see Stop and Step's latest video?

That first slot he plays, a work around for the £2 max stake!!

For those that haven't seen it, the game is basically a 10 segment dial, 2 of which are green. It "randomly" spins the dial and if it lands in a green section you get a spin on the actual slot (which doesn't have to pay anything), and if it lands in a red section that's your £2 lost, equating to actual spins being valued at £10 each.

He does £100 through it and gets a total of I think 4 or 5 actual spins on the game... if they can get away with shit like this then it's only a matter of time before slot stake in the bookies is raised if you ask me
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
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They've done a few games like that.

Disgusting and absolutely no way they can claim that dial spin at the beginning is 100% random!!

Same as the little clover type game before that other game (the name escapes me) but it's the one where if ur a road worker or u wear a high visibility jacket u run like a god, or likewise if ur a city worker or wear a suit u run even better. Bell ringing claxon after claxon.

If on the other hand ur PMK u do a bag quicker than OB lands a 9 and u suffer from extreme open wallet surgery!!
Have they been fiddling with Rocky in Ladbrokes?

I noticed recently lower stakes free spins all wins x 2, but now on £2 stake it boasts free spins all wins x 3
Anyone heard from ring sting? I remember this used to be one of his favourite games
(12-12-2017, 12:38 AM)ridye Wrote: Have they been fiddling with Rocky in Ladbrokes?

I noticed recently lower stakes free spins all wins x 2, but now on £2 stake it boasts free spins all wins x 3

That’s always been the case hasn’t it?
Marching on together
I used to remember all stakes were 3x on free spins weren't they? Lol
t 7 and t 8 they certainly were not

£1 stake wins were X 2 and £2 stake wins were X 3

and 100 % on the last update 2nd set of micks was always a pot

bookies version totally different

around £600 on £2 stake was my record wait for a set of freespins !

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