Pharoah's Gold £500
On the boat back from France and there's a Pharoah's Gold on £500 jackpot.

I had a speculative tenner but no fun - not getting involved - these could be brutal on £200 so I can't take the chance someone has won anything decent.
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lol and on 250 mega brutal if you ever decided you wouldn't take 150 when not there!

interesting tho to hear that, great game in the day, good tell as well.
In my experience you could only get the jackpot when it gave you the 'Nile roll' of 1-3 and 10-12 numbers. Otherwise it always killed you on £100/£150.

The tell being what, four of a kind wins on barcode?
Is this a distant cousin of Bellfruit's Pharoah's Gold from the early 2000s?
trail hold
(04-21-2017, 09:41 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: Is this a distant cousin of Bellfruit's Pharoah's Gold from the early 2000s?

No distant cousin. Same machine. Play the emulator Smile

Several clones existed too. Cash on the Nile, Chinatown (which for some reason played turning Japanese on the climb) and Typhoon.

Serious gamblers machines, very little in it for the casual.
(04-22-2017, 04:20 AM)HoveSam Wrote: trail hold

Never spotted that.
Was playing Chinatown in the emulator, which is essentially the same game as this but without a barcode.

It just wont go past £50 on the climb, and I've put hundreds through it. Is it just not possible on this machine? Does it do the GATW-style 1,2,3 - 10,11,12 number roll?
Had one at home on £250. Great games.
Really? What is there to do but climb hi-lo?
quite a few features, varying degrees of difficulty based on previous "attempts". great for a skim back in the day and solid tell on when to force!

unreal that is 25 years ago now!
So what's the solid tell?
Still pushing money through it. Can't get past £75. It's holding bells and giving 4 oranges
the feaure trail holding on the last position, i can't remember if it has to do it 3 times or not, the old memory playing up!

the barcodes can be known how happy according to how they are holding on the bottom reels.

that's for the nile 200 and pharoahs 250 never played a 500 one though.
No sorry, I'm playing Chinatown...
(06-09-2017, 01:03 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: No sorry, I'm playing Chinatown...
I really am struggling to remember how to play these.
I think if it does a hold after nudge for 4 cherries it was game on.
When you get the force (blatent good numbers on the hi lo) take it up to 1 or 2 from top and then purposely lose the hi lo.
The force will come back next win (go for the wins you can). Take the force up to £10 and collect. Keep doing this until the numbers aren't forcing. When the numbers stop forcing keep going up to the top. It will take a few attempts, but less than you took from the game. Next time it gives good hi lo take the top (jackpot).
Worth a quid or two after the jackpot as it was known to do a £20-£30 win pretty quickly after, but often not.

Timmy would/might of loved these games.

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