Club Cops and Robbers
Have they gone back to paid-for winnable cashpots?

I'm on a ferry to France and the pots are £174 and £5.

Last time I was on one they were all at £250/£250
There's a setting that resets them to 250 when they pay out, doesn't mean it's harder to get them

There's another setting that reduces the cp/jp frequency to very low, that's the dirty setting!

Haven't been on a ferry in forever are they still filled with cops and robbers!!!
If they reset to 250 they can't be paid for otherwise you could empty the machine. So its just a way to pay jackpot.

Cops and Robbers and StarWars but the arcade area is all £500s now
They can be paid for. It just blocks giving it till it has the value there saved up

Cashpots on them are cycled over thousands off pounds. You can't just force them out willy nilly, try forcing on say 250/0 see what happens!!!
On the old £100 and £150bfm clubbers you could get both cashpots and the majority of your stake back in afters. Those were the days.
When they go 150jp for pub stuff we might see some classic 150 club stuff in mr p's!
What's the deal for having a cashpot out then? I'm thinking only go for it when nudging 4 of a kind wins in and then just gamble every win to lose / hold cashpots in view?
What if it gives a millionaires row and mugs you off with a fine and dumps £50+ in your bank?
If you're playing for cashpot you collect the £1 every time it forces a board on you
It's very obvious when it wants to give cp, will be constantly giving 4 nudges, generally a 4 of a kind win will be there off it. The older versions didn't do this quite so blatently, but classic and newer did.

It was amusing when people were watching to nudge the bells away when it was doing the constant 4 nudge thing and the jp was there! Got some right funny looks!
When i used to do it on the gold version, it would nudge for bells or cashpot and say on the alpha best win £60 lol
Bloody typical. I go away with work for 5 days and the Cops I've had my eye on drops the CP. It was on £250 and £169 when I left and came back to £184 and £1.
I haven't seen one for years in the wild
Finally had the local one out a couple of weeks ago. There was absolutely no tell before it gave it. It wasn't doing any 4 of a kind wins, board frequency was pretty low, it just banged the cashpot symbols on reels 1,3 and 4 and then offered 4 nudges for the last symbol on reel 2.
I was kind of hoping the tell would be more obvious for future reference!

[Image: IMG_1838_zpsq1gdtmh0.jpg]
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nice win shame the operator couldnt put some new bulbs in
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They all work - just the time I took the photo...
I do miss these old clubbers, bring 'em back! fill the arcade with 'em i'd be in there every other day!
My local Cops n Robbers is cooking nicely towards cashpot readiness..I'm keeping on top of that as I missed the last one literally by about half an hour last time which right pissed me off.
However, this unit is locked to 25p stake so progression and board values can be capped quite low. Typical normal board value is anything from £3-6 before it sends you to the scrubs.
I've played the unit pretty regularly over the last 8 months and only once have I ever achieved entry to millionaires row - never off the 3 keys landing on the unlocked door. It only gave £19 after fining me a tenner at £29 on the meter.
A first last night though - Great Train Robbery - a rare enough feature in itself was chugging along offering £7,£14,£10 then out of the blue it offered £100. Another first.
If you want millionaires row just gamble to £15 and exchange.

You can hilo to 75 sometimes but it will block there (always sends a 3/4 on the hilo) unless it’s ready for cp/jp.
(01-20-2018, 11:14 AM)ob Wrote: If you want millionaires row just gamble to £15 and exchange.

You can hilo to 75 sometimes but it will block there (always sends a 3/4 on the hilo) unless it’s ready for cp/jp.

That's the thing though - this particular unit rarely offers you a set of winning gambles even beyond £7. Crap numbers always lose...I mean always. I've been to the £15 exchange point once, and once only and that was when I got my one and only millionaires row.
Highest win in all these months of playing on the reels has been 3 bars for £7!
It's a bullshit low percentage low stake hybrid programme I'm sure of what was once a fine game.
You put enough in it it will go every time
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