A question about Thai Flower (B2, £20 spins)
I played this in Laddies the other day and noticed on the dashboard that there is now a £20 B2 spins options.  I'm reluctant to play this as a B2, but thought I'd ask here - how does it changes game mechanics?  For those familiar with Thai Flower, you need a scatter in reels 1, 3 & 5 to trigger the feature.

Merry Crimbo all!
haven't seen it, haven't been in a bookies for yonks but tbh thai flower on £20 spins spells one thing BRAINS ! it was always bad enough on any stake if it was hungry

I would steer clear mr m , your normal £40 float is TWO sets of spins and your visit could be over VERY very quickly !

on the flip side you could hit back to back jackpots ...................................................................................

or be 400 in within ten minutes !!!!!! steer clear of the thai bird and bag your self a local lol
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Mr Move It
Cheers dude Smile

I've had a few losses (normal £50 losses) lately, but still have at least 1 more punt left before 2016, then I'll wrap up the My Year 2016 thread.

I'll take your advice and stick with the B3 spins. For 2017, I'm contemplating on increasing my session limit from £50 to £60, but not 100% sure on that yet.
Try it with your money & u may get the answer to your question. Magic
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This is Mr Move It we are talking about. Probably get a feature off a £50 mega spin with his £40 float!!

Only man on the planet who actually thinks this is a good game and gets countless features off a £40 bin. Oh to run so well constantly.

It will actually have a slightly higher RTP but nothing imo can make this game a worth while punt.
Check out stop n steps channel Mr Move It

Looks a bit of a naff way of basically making you pay £4 a spin rather than £2! Nearly as rare as rocking horse shit to get a win of £5 or above on the reels anyway!

Although you could be forgiven that Mr Move It was in charge of the controls the amount of times the flowers dropped in on that video, wouldn't be going round expecting that to happen all the time and you can see just how quickly it wipes out your £20 when they don't!
Cheers guys Tongue

Just seen the vid.  That's deffo a lot more flowers than I would get in my typical session lol Other than that, values seem to be doubled so that 5 temples is £100 instead of my £50 on £1 stake.  The wheel feature is news to me too, so I guess that's the main mechanics of playing this on B2.
Stop and step seems to run at like 130% RTP on 92% games constantly!
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He must have some monstrous losing sessions we don't get to see, that would be good viewing lol
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keno, megastreaklover01, ring sting
I just can't see how anyone can rate a game like that off one session.
Isn't that how all his sessions go? Thumbs up for the win or thumbs down for the loss.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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Yep 5 stars if he wins or 5 shits if he loses lol
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Mr Move It
saw this vid of stop and steps, im waiting for the one where he does 2k for no flowers now

all wins are the same as the £2 stake version apart from the bonus wheel feature , so basically £4 a spin thai flower as your playing for a feature as this bitch doesn't really do roll-ins , makes me glad that with every day I find 500s worse that the day before !

after watching stop n steps vid I just had to read the comments ...................................

" you run better than move it" ................... sounds like something that naughty PMK would write lol

mr m tread carefully on this game !
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megastreaklover01, Mr Move It
(12-30-2016, 08:49 PM)ring sting Wrote: " you run better than move it" ................... sounds like something that naughty PMK would write lol

I've just looked through the comments too and saw that post.  Someone called Snaipaul posted it.  No idea who he is though.

It's weird that I'm being mentioned off-site though!!

As for being careful, yeah I'll stick with the £1 spins.  I have done pants lately which has taken a serious toll on my yearly profit.  Once I've updated my balance books, I think that £750-odd will be more like half of that.
Snaipaul is indeed P....oh ssssh I'm not to blow his cover apparently.

The game looks good. Hopefully I can lose a few hundred on it soon.
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Stop and step does run good in the vids posted...

If you run good on the end game gambles the results can be impressive, eventually bad runs happen due to the base game giving fuck all, when that happens you have nothing to spin up on 100%rtp game.

Most I have got in front over a month of play (recorded on a loyalty card) is about 3k ahead before luck runs out, just have to assume that whats posted is selective to new games and decent results.
Yeh although some losing videos will be posted it's biased towards winning ones and big losing ones are no doubt the least likely to be posted
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Long run it's impossible (not literally but massive odds against) to be up on those type of games ie 92/94% RTP when we're talking in the millions of pounds play through sort of realms, which although sounds a shit load you can easily say cycle through 3k an hour even on 2 quid spins!
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Aren't u up on Roulette in ur lifetime OB? Massive odds against of course.

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