The gloves are off
He also won 108k on reelking over a few days recently then lost it all again..... unless he has since recovered it I dont know, but to have had his mad run of luck on the game is just insane, but imo hes just a jammy bugger with a good enough bank roll to go for it.
He put £108k in and with his ‘last’ £700 pulled it back to £108,500!
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It'll get chipped...I tells ya!
(02-04-2019, 04:42 PM)Fenso Wrote: Salty that someone wins from someone else’s loss?? Those powers don’t magically become gagging for no reason you know

A little salty in his direction because I don't like his mentality, not because I believe he affects the RTP of online Fresno!

I am well aware I have made over a million pounds that is other people's losses, that is life.

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