Guess The Machine! - quiz

Grab a picture of a fruit or slot, crop it to a small size, then other posters have to guess what the machine is Smile   It can be a photo of a machine, screenshot (if emulated machine), manufacturer/concept art, leaflet art etc.  The machine itself can be a pub fruit cat C/D, a cat C digi / B3 arcade cabinet or a B3 bookies terminal (but no roulette).  Just fruits or slots :D

I'll post the first one... should be nice and easy!  Whoever gets it right continues the thread with their own machine posting and so on.  When posting a pic by the way, don't use obvious filenames e.g. ohahdracula.jpg because someone will right click it and know the answer right away!

[Image: part1_zpszyxmexmv.png]
Is it Star Prize? I see Noel's been at the face paint!
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yo Adrian I did it lol

I believe if you see 3 of these gold coins on the screen at once you will be led to untold riches ..........................

£24.50 to £497.50 lol
Ring Sting - you didn't say what the game was called, but you mentioned the obligatory £24.50... so it's your turn!

lol @ Noel's face paint comment Smile

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