Rocky : Italian Stallion
I know I remember reading about this on here someone but I can't find it now lolol

Rocky themed Wild Knights with pots.  Sometimes some other pointless stuff happens like you'll get a 2x multiplier or some reel icons will get 'punched' out and replaced with different ones.

I very quickly banged £120 through it for £2 win after £2 win, but then it gave fiver wins which on £2 stake anyway does the bonus for 1x 2x win or 1x 2x 3x round (life) bonus.

Got a 2x round bonus in the end from a fiver win, first round did about £160!  But then second round only did about a tenner lol 

Certainly didn't appeal to me, I guess it is a case if you're a fan of Wild Knights or not.  I'm in the definitely not camp!  Suppose it seemed slighty better than the Wizard Of Oz!

Looked to have the same gamble wheel as Wild Knights 1-12
These give out the £300 silvers for fun. :p
oh dear I don't like wild knights but DO like rocky so when it finally turns up in my area I expect a beating !
It just popped up on Ladbrokes units today. I think we should delegate MrX to play it out and give us a full report.
(03-06-2015, 09:01 PM)Quizard Wrote: It just popped up on Ladbrokes units today. I think we should delegate MrX to play it out and give us a full report.
He would come out with £30,000 and still will be signing on...
He will also do a huge review on his made up website that will never see the light of day
lolol oh yeah I forgot about that review site he was meant to be starting up in january, so what happened Mr x?
no chance, whats the point

every review will be like 10 in for £233.19p IOUd for 11p grrrrrr

or today I de-stroyed approx. 561 £5 jackpot machines , missed bus home so destroyed the local casino all night , caught the number 7 home in morning , got off bus and found a pound lol
fruit-emu came back...suddenly people didn't need a new watering hole
italion stallion !

finally ventured into ladbrookes , non local for obvious reasons lol

as was a new game all pots were on reset level, only two had been played out the 4 terminals , so put a single 20 in played it and cashed out a £50.50p ticket via a one round bonus , TBH its ok but much prefer the original rocky freespins

interesting on £2 stake the pots all start at higher levels , big silvers ! if they ever get played enough that is
so played again tried a few hi rolllers at £20 too


£20 hi-roller , wins over £5 goto knockout bonus round with a mulitplyer or chance of feature , got one round feature bonus twice

£12 and then a big big £16 now that's a bit tight ! only reason I blew 100 quid was a reel king had been nice ! was a week since last visit and pots not really moved much , doesn't seem popular here , a normal rocky sees more action easily , and why take away the pie to the stupid dial gamble .....................
What have they done to rocky? this is totally crap.  lost hundreds last week in ladbrokes playing the £30 mega spins (£6-700) for fxxx all.  Biggest win was £4-5 (£2+£3 win, so it didn't trigger prize fight, or whatever is called).  Saying that, I've played the original rocky and have put £500-£600 on £2 spins for fxxx all, but it"played better".
Every other spin teases the gloves feature. Wallet buster with the odd £20 quid roll in.

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