First to answer carries on the quiz
Simply enough folks , il post a question to get started then first to answer gets to post the next question ect ....
Name a dond machine that gave a feature entry via a box matrix ?
perfect deal
now you post a question to carry on the quiz lolol
Doesn't it need the person that initially asked the question to make sure it's the right answer first though?

Do the questions have to be gambling related?

My actual question...
Where did DONK initially come from?
Yes to first two questions and answer to actual question pie gamble
What game does the feature infectious wild appear on ?
Jackpot Genie
Not quite JG , keep guessing lol
Midas Millions.

It's a Blockbusters-shaped slot machine on Sky Vegas which has several different types of wild symbols.  On one of the wild types, the big mofo King steps down and will turn a random number of adjacent tiles into wilds.  The machine also has 'connecting' wilds were any 2 wilds that are distanced apart will draw a line between them so that everything on that line is wild.
Nope , the game im looking for is on bookie fobts and made its way into arcades and now on sky vegas too
Lucky duck
Not lucky duck lol JG was  closest with  his guess 
Fuck knows then

Genie jackpots, wild duck or Midas millions are the only ones I can thing of
Lucky duck, not wild duck
Plants vs Zombies!

The base game has a wilds gimmick where a zombie come along and adds more wilds.
@Ms18 genie jackpots is right ,, please leave a question to be answered
I have heard of this as you can get a winged monkey as well I think
But some questions like this maybe will have more than one answer.
(12-22-2014, 10:25 PM)beaverlasvegas link Wrote: @Ms18 genie jackpots is right ,, please leave a question to be answered
what was the last analogue machine made by Barcrest?

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