rocky on fobts
as rockys one of the oldest 500 games o fobts now keep thinking why there isnt a mega spin version ?

cant see why it couldnt be done , stcky coins for spins etc .....

strange this game hasnt had the super spin treatment or have they tryed and it just dont work ? although on £2 stake it can seriously damage your wallet when in mood !
I do wonder why RR and Rocky have never had an update in terms of graphics and super/mega spins. 
Cost of renewing license agreement for content?
RR could be good on £20 mega spins if all the bonus symbols (lep,well,pot) where sticky so you could end up with all 3 features at the end of the spins.
some good answers  drink

maybe with rocky and rainbow riches , two of the oldest but still most popular games they just dont want to change anything ? but if the bookies thought they could screw even more cash from us faster etc they would

some games on mega spins or hi-roller do appeal to me more than the standard arcade 777- 888 versions , star wars 500 is certainly one just for the fact you "might" get a deathstar from a fiver win
Rocky will never have £20 mega spins, " 'cause that's how winnin's done."
Ive played a RR where the pots are wild and are sticky on £20 mega spins. I had the pots twice in one set of spins on another mega spins RR in betfred total was £690 but rounded it down to £500 which was unfair because that means they have made money on the because the pot didnt pay the full amount on the second win same as that double pay one I had the full screen of plumbs £50 x2 x 10 go figure? It said £1000 but max win was £500, gutted when it does that. When all 9 of the first symbols are the same the wins are doubled.
the rainbow riches you state isn't the standard one, we're really talking about 'pots of gold', not pure pots

they're not really making money on it as they can't legally say its paid out £1,000 if its only paid out £500, thus the percentage will be lower than stated and thus, illegal

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