Wizard of Oz - Over The Rainbow New £500
Looks to be another nice looking effort by SG/WMS. Basically it's a bit of

Rainbow riches type trail bonus, a wild knights free spins and a respin if you get 2 bonus symbols type thing. There's also the same random wild and block wild random feature.

If your playing the man stakes you get a go on the yellow brick road, which is just the same as turbo times on road hog with a few twists.

I played with £100 on £20 spins. Played for nearly an hour and was £100 up.

I'm sure Dom already has had a jackpot vid uploading.

Hope your all well and all still up for Blackpool ;)
This gives feature for fun!

It feels like a low variance game so its usually just paying your stake back or 1-4x

I like the other new game at the moment more :)
Which one? The £100 diamond game DOND or the 4 box £500 game?
IT'S OVER The Rainbow LOL
Thankfully it ain't Ruby Slippers cos if it was I'd off been in to have a go by now.  By the picture Buddy posted on FB it's looks pretty much a Wild Knight clone.
Played this yesterday only on 20p stake as was just looking to pass the time gave mixed feature freespins which is just one life and it went for £33 quid not too bad. Can imagine can be very boring though

Looks like a decent game but I wouldnt touch it with a 10ft barge pole on megaspins if the feature can end up giving you £45 on £30 spin
£6 a spin :) you get 5 and tbf you can get the feature 2/3 times in one set! As I've had it. Once happens on average every 3/4 set at most or you can put £400 in a rainbow for 0 leps and get 3 wells for £2!
I had 3 lots of free spins in the 30 quid mega game today.

1 life for £25
1 life for £62
2 lives for £176

Also got the yellow brick road for x8 on a £20 win.

Definitely played a lot kinder than when I first played it!
I got INCREDIBLY ANGRY with this game last night. It wouldn't give the feature for love nor money. So annoying, you see the characters drift by and then miss....I gave it a furious kick, I say a FURIOUS KICK!! Then proceeded to load £20 a pop into each terminal and changed to pure pots, virtually on resets. Feck all, then I looked to the left terminal and heard yeah yeah yeah in rapid succession from the right. £115 silver, back to this and it swallowed the lot. I will have to try the £30 uber spins then as it seems like you might actually get the feature.
It annoys me that the Wizard of Oz symbols on this don't act as wilds. I keep thinking I've got a decent win.
On the £30 mega spins I find I only get 1 life features, granted they drop in often, sometimes more than once in a set.

Find they often pay little more than £30 as well

The Glinda feature is shit, maybe doing 1 or 2 wilds only and the Yellow Brick Road is X1 more often than not
Honeymoon period well and truly over on these given the number of punters I've seen get burnt on mega spins recently. Just like what happened with Worms, Arabian Nights etc. Avoid.
Put £600 in this last night in Gala on £2 spins. NO FUCKING FEATURE and the biggest win from the reels was £12. Disgusting.
Mark - what do you expect? After the honeymoon period these games are heinously rigged. It'll be on 72% sick mode. Enforced dead patch to keep Gala bingo rich when all the grannies die. They need to line the coffers.
Best never to ever play anything like this ever again!
£421 from 1 life on normal stake in Blackpool. Usually brains


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