Was a decision made not to have a quiz machine sub forum on the new site ???

I like a good quiz, except for when it involves having to use said quiz machine for a) Change ... or b) Waiting for somebody to get off a fruit machine. A quiz machine should be used for fun and making beer profit.

Now, the real reason I need a quiz machine forum....can somebody tell me the score on Caesar's Palace II please ??

Thanks muchly.

its just been overlooked mate, thats all, gimme 1 minute i will put a section in, and have you noticed that ceasers palace has been disappearing off of terminals, lol  ;)
Aaaah that's my fault  New Here jeez your worst than sidewinder lol

I'll have 1 sorted by the morning, I've heard a snippet of info on cp2 but there's more to it than what I've heard I think, unless they made the top game a true skill.
Nice one key drink

I like the Ninja like responses of the admin in these parts. So do any of you now fancy bringing me a Mcdonalds Double Deluxe meal ??  I'll expect it within 15 mins.  thebird
rarely play quizzers, and when i do i tend to play fun games like spot the difference, but i did dabble in ceasers palece in a local as the questions wernt that hard, but when i got to the top and onto the money part it would do me at like a quid, max i think i ever got to was 2-3 quid, i assume it wasnt true skill but ive seen it mentioned is there a method for it lol?

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