Full Version: It's took a while, but I'm here at last. :-)
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Hi everyone, 

It took several months to register but the technical issues have been sorted Smile

Thought I would come say hello to everyone, in my 30's and really excited to see some of the Mr P's Classic Amusements opening up plus a few independent arcades across the UK as well. Started gambling from a small age around the arcades in Cleethorpes and now living close to Reading. 

Recently got totally rinsed in Novomatic (Reading) on a few machines and kinda realised the fun we once had in these adult High Street arcades is pretty much gone. So if anyone does live close by, drop me a message and more than happy to go visit some proper classic arcades across the country, will of course pay towards the fuel. 

Welcome! ;)

Great game that 7s and melons was, crazy how I used to think of it as out of my league in terms of being able to afford to play it. These days even a Popeye could cost you as much to get ONE feature as the whole run on on a 7s!