New Youtube Layout
It sucks alot! Do not go over to it.

If you have and found you don't like it either, do this.

Go here,

Scroll to the bottom and switch back.

Or even, just switch over and see for yourselves!

Another ffs, they've not long changed it when they took the you out of you tube so Google could do what they want
They'll prob do what they did with the current Grey one, let all the shit pass on how crap it is compared to the older one and then give you a choice and then force you to change anyway.
I hope not. The current one is pretty good. The original was my fav by far.

This latest one is just pure shite!

I had a good hour just looking round the new layout. It seems quite buggy atm. I would change something, save it and it would still be the same. Had trouble uploading images to my profile. It told me to have an image at least 2110 pixels wide, or something like that. I enlarged my coin background to the exact size they required. NO!!! Same msg.

Fuck that, instantly then looked for a way out.
Let the teething probs go first, I used to love You Tube on that old set up and then I lost my original channel anyway, then lost the Rabid Dog one by pure accident/dumbness and just started another.

Out of 1000's of vids taken, I'm left with 1 meet vid :o that was by accident as I hadn't cleared it from my lappy.
I'd give it a couple of weeks or even longer, especially with a channel like yours with the content it has, some of them vids are irreplaceable. lol
I noticed that some channels had the new layout about 2 weeks ago, and i too hate it, its just Google, wanting you to sync all your accounts in to one, instead of having seperate Youtube, Google +, Gmail and what ever other sites Google own, they want you to join them all together, and thats what the new page is, everytime you log in to youtube now, a message pops up at the top, asking you if you want to sync your accounts, and instead of using different usernames and passwords on your accounts, you just use one for them all, if you choose to do it, they will eventually force us in to it, just like they did last time, the original layout, was the best, but now im used to the one we use now, and they want to change it again, youtube should have never sold its self to google, google have just fucked it up, they will be charging us to watch vids next.

Look at your "related" channels, see how many of them are genuinely related. Most of the time it's just the big hitters IE Tobuscus, RWJ, Fred, SxePhil etc etc.

Just a way to give those more of a reach despite not needing it.

Social blade is a great site as it gives you a rough idea how much they earn, i can confirm the lower end of the "estimated earnings" is almost bang on, and the big partners get a higher rate so no doubt the real figure will be closer to the higher end.
Yeah i always check youtube stats on socialblade, have you seen how much the top channels on there make per day, i so a channel on there what earns over 2 million dollars a day, and has over 100 billion video views, its one of the channels in the social blade top ten list, think it might be vevo.
Vevo have to pay the artist so it's not all their money, and as for mashitima they have to pay their partners, although a lot of people are leaving them as they tend to rob the content creators, not to mention most of the top channels have a production team behind them so they need to be paid too.
(03-17-2013, 10:10 PM)R.D. link Wrote: I'd give it a couple of weeks or even longer, especially with a channel like yours with the content it has, some of them vids are irreplaceable. lol

Although over the past couple of years i've not done much with it, it'll never go. Unless youtube don't want me anymore lol

I have every vid backed up to dvd and hd too :)

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