Jackpot Party Belgium Trip
Just returned from Belgium. We stayed at the La Reserve Casino and hotel in Knokke. Well it was amazing. Will go through the highlights below.

We was there for 2 nights at €285 per night lol
New Mercedes picked us up from the airport to the hotel and back
£250 spends each.

Arrived on Friday afternoon at the hotel, just chilled out. Was a little naughty ordering room service for sandwiches and drinks lol. Received a telephone call from WMS in the states asking if we were ok and that the director of gaming would be meeting us from Casino Knokke at 7.30.

The casino was opposite the hotel so wasn't much of a walk. Nice place, around 200 slots, mainly Novomatic and WMS kit. Basically told us that JP is going live in Belgium soon, they are just ironing a few things out.

He invited us for a meal, which was amazing. Lobster, tuna and crayfish with caviar to start, followed by fillet steak and fries. By the time we had desert and coffee I was getting pissed with the amount of wine lol.

The bill came to over €200 for the 2 of us, we went to pay, but was told it was taken care of.

We headed for the slots, €300 was spent in around an hour, bet sizes range from .40 to €24, with the jackpots around a max of €50,000. We had a great evening, even with the loss lol.

Next day was spent shopping and lots more room service!!

When we came to check out and settle our room service bill we were pleasantly surprised when they told us that it was taken care of!!! Nearly €250 lol whoop.

So, it was amazing, the hotel was 5* should have seen the cars parked there, no English apart from us peasants lol. Dinner jackets for breakfast, few funny looks in my superdry tee lol.

Really hope JP get casino of the year award they really do look after customers, worked out this trip must have cost them near £2k, pretty crazy. The other prize winner is due to go out next week I think, they're going to Venice.


Fooking ell all paid for as well, nice drink I'd have still raided the bacca stall lol
Sounds good time was had.

As for the 2k it cost them, not much if you reverse engineer how much is staked on their site each day from the money contributed to the progressives.
Sounds good, did you win this on jackpot party?
(02-10-2013, 11:43 PM)Damo0666 link Wrote: Sounds good, did you win this on jackpot party?

Yes it was for their 2nd birthday promotion :)
Nice one mate.
Excellent! Sounds like a really nice unexpected prize too
Epic mate even better when it was all paid for and congrats for winning drink

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