WMS slots escape from Jackpot Party
Currently running at Nordic Bet, due to turn up at quite a few other casinos pretty soon.

Big news is, they're all running at 96% RTP, rather than 92% RTP + 3% to the JPPs.

[attachment deleted by admin]
yes, I've seen the news at CM.
I believe Jackpot Party are looking into options so you have the choice of the progressive or not.
I've had a lucky run on the old progressives lately though 4 in the last 4 weeks but only 1 star to show for it.
Bugger don't think I've excluded from Nordic Bet....thank you very much Chop  agro
yes man y many thanks chop, very much appreciated. i can play these at a decent percentage now. ok its in euros but thats fine with me.

just hope what has just happened was a fluke, played on free play with out registering, and 2nd press got wonky glinda and a rake of wilds, registered and got winged monkey feature within 3 presses.

Getting a lot of sever issues in Real Play.
was just about to say the same mark, long lagging issues on spins ect, and server not available, iv put it down to the hype over them just getting the new games, probably be different again in a few days.
Can't get back to play a game now.

And the bastards charge for deposits made by card.
[Image: 38171472.png]
Nice one Mark, how much profit?
(01-30-2013, 09:06 PM)slasher link Wrote: Nice one Mark, how much profit?

None yet  lol
Hopefully you can turn that round!
It's all gone Petetong500
Bruce Lee 1.20 a spin.  5 freespins, win 1.20 wanker
(01-30-2013, 09:44 PM)Mark On Fire link Wrote: Bruce Lee 1.20 a spin.  5 freespins, win 1.20 wanker

how many swear words and cussing did that cause?
What have I done??!!
(01-30-2013, 10:21 PM)PeteTong500 link Wrote: What have I done??!!

You owe me 100 euros.
I'll put it in the post!!!
I'm feeling generous, I pledge to match the 100eros.
and seeing as he mof seems to be avoiding starting up his diary, maybe a pirated version minet start. lol
Thank You Pete
Thank You Russ
Screw You Key

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