There was indeed. Strange machine, but they've all vanished
Funny one the Banker's Dozen - I had one on 70 which lasted about a month - never seen one since but told it has the 100 upgrade - no pic on BFG site either.

Guess still 'on test' officially  dontknow
Only ever saw Banker's Dozen in London.

Assume it failed.

TTP doesn't seem to have caught on either.
Bankers Dozen is up graded, not seen any like.
(11-25-2013, 11:04 PM)Inspector Sands link Wrote: Never seen a Simply or a Dream offer.

Players Choice, there was an image knocking around on FE aaages back now. Would have come out not long after Big Deal as they essentially are the same, just shots not stacks.
bankers offer basically?
I know where an access all areas is.. There used to be a few roads to riches around by me too.. And I had a dream offer in a snooker club/lapdance club!! Sadly everything but the access all areas have disappeared in the last couple of months :-(
There a cheeky video on tube of Riyde getting a gatw for a ton40 then next board, meassage from banker "cob will be MEGA STREAK" goes for ton40!
Cool  steely
As in AAA machine in question
Yes but it was Cf not Ridye
[Image: L8xF5yl.jpg]
Used to be one in Liverpool & Skegness.
Had a couple round my way at different times - not seen one for yonks though
Damn I was sure we needed a pic for our archives, forgot about that topic. Oh well, at least it's the actual machine and not a stock photo like we already have
Thanks :) I had a vid of it cobbing mega but it was on my old channel and hard drive Sad
Didn’t DOND the players choice fail test
Also wasn’t there a 5 reeler DOND called Dream Machine can’t find any information or pictures of it online

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