no longer a noob but still a begginer !
hi guys been a while since i posted anything so thought id do one
anyway been having some good wins and small losess since the last time i have only been playing a few machines aswell :
rainbow riches (leaping leps) £70 jp
red hot roll £25 jp
bullion bars £35 jp (3 player)
party time £5 jp 3 player (just for the fun of it :P)
party time arena £25 jp 3player
monopoly wheel of wealth £5 jp 3 player
anyway i had a good bit of luck on the red hot roll took about £12 to set up the les for run of £5 lolol then had a £5 roll in and hold to £45 :) happy days
the bullion bars i walked in to see the regular guy who plays it sharking on the partytime £5 right next to player 1 of the bullion bars lol so i thought to myself he must have took a hammering off it lol stick a tenner of coins in after 3 spins bullion bars for £15 (guys shaking his head) stick with it as i have a £10 coins in it another 6 spins jp bars  GTFIT (guy looks pissed !! ) very next spin bullion bars for bullion streak for £50 (guy says good win mate and walks out !) so £100 banked and only used £2.80  dance anyway played out the rest of the £10 got a few £3 bars ended up with £112 from player1
stuck a £10 into player 2 jp bars twice fo £70 NICE!!!
played the £5 partytime for a bit got a streak up top for £25 after around £6 in
moved onto the PT arena stuck £14 through for partytime jp x2 for £50 gtfit :)
put about £20 in the rainbow riches for a flat £70 mega streak and played a couple of quid to take it to £96
all in all not a bad day :D
i still have some questions  for some of you too so here they rae answer if you can or want to thanks....
on the rainbow riches what can this machine go for ?
and i have been putting a few quid in this machine since friday some guy must have blown around £80 in in it then just walked out so i put £10 in coins to here it backng after £3 woop woop ! or so i thought didnt take any wins to try and force it and it took £20 quid on £1 stake and kept blocking me at £4 so i walked away ..
i then went back on sat after work to my surprize its still backing after a couple of quid  on £1 stake again it blocks me at £8 so after another £20 in i just gave up and walked
i went in again today and it is still backing i put £25 through it with noting more than a £15 board whats the deal with this machine :/ ?
it used to play great now its as tight as !!!
could this be a worker ?
anyway thats it for now back soon with more posts
please reply thanks
DAn :)
Never mind all that bollocks, do you want the Reflex method?
Would be good to know sixbomb thanks. Wink
sixbomb you talking about lady luck, tupenny nudgers, alices etc?
(01-23-2013, 06:45 PM)Sixbomb Wrote: Never mind all that bollocks, do you want the Reflex method?

Hey what's the reflex method? Does it still work ?
if you wont the relfex method paypal me a grand and i will tell you :D :D :D :D

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