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Got this last night

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Wow!  That takes some doing!  I've never got anywhere near a win like that when that feature comes in.  Usually I get one symbol on the 2nd reel, and then on the next teapot 'ADD MORE and STOP', whereby one more symbol will float onto the 5th reel or something, and I end up with 60p.

I had that feature come in on a x3 spin from the main feature, and I won nothing.  Nice game but you're literally playing it for entertainment and nothing more.  Impossible to win on; flat as a witch's tit.
Did get a full screen on Alice once. Unfortuantely it was one of the very rare play money, pass 10 minutes waiting to go out efforts. Go figure!
I was shocked, it did "Alice + Spin" twice and both times it threw out 3 extra alices which is really unusual!
Nice win on Alice bishman, best i ever managed was all alices except 2 symbols i think from a super mad respin.

I just received a shocking unexpected phone call from ...  slotsmagic.  Asking me why i haven't used my account with them! 

Politely explained how i had already closed the account (at least that's what i had thought) and that i wouldn't be playing at their casino.  Pretty crazy considering i'd sent about 10 emails requesting closure ages ago (never got the email reply back which i had requested them to send to confirm account was closed but assumed it had been done and they just hadn't bothered replying).  Hopefully the account will be closed now.
They closed my account which I requested, but the email they sent me said you can login and open it again which is madness! And thats what I did stupidly, but I got lucky from my £40 deposit with some good wins on bruce, wizard of oz and alice(above), I cashed out at £400 and hoping it should be in my account tomorrow which will more than pay for the service my car needs. 
I had 4 wild reels on wizard of oz but shitty symbols on the 2nd reel but still went for £70 for a 60p stake.  Lots of good features on Brucey, was hoping to get the 20 spins feature because it was playing so well, never came in though.  Oh and I got the 50 free spins on Invaders from the planet Moolah but it only paid about £45 if I remember.
Oh JPP when are you coming back  :'(

You were always at the top of the list for posts and now look at you. 

Is anyone actually using slots magic now?
Life of Luxury is coming back to Slots Magic, as is the chat thing. YES GLINDA WHOOP FS BIG WIN SBW MBW BUBBLES GLINDAFINGER.
Wonder how many on here would finger Glida?
(05-18-2014, 12:38 PM)steelfix1 link Wrote: Wonder how many on here would finger Glida?

Only a middle finger right in front of her face.
She doesn't look to hot from that bubble, still any hole is a goal.
I really dislike slots magic with a passion. I never really gave JPP the credit it deserved, you never realize how good something was until it has gone forever. Had a few £300+ sessions at slots magic, with no real gameplay or features
If Lux is returning I will have a bash.
(05-18-2014, 12:38 PM)steelfixed Wrote: Wonder how many on here would finger Glida?


Some of those old timers off of here crack me up, that keykey guy seems mental too!
The chat at JPP was one of the best things about it:

'Slippers pls not seen slippers pls give me slippers'

Also gave me one of my biggest ever hits, 1689x stake on Bruce Lee.
Have some Jackpot Party nostalgia.

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Quality! ;)
Ah, go on then...seeing as we are doing blast from the past....I miss this site Sad


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