Diary Of a Compulsive James Petherick
anyone seen this guy? is he a member on here?

I've never seen him at a meet lol
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i hope its real, and hopefully he will sort his addiction out, but to me it seems a little scripted.

edit: infact after watching the rest of his videos, my conclusion is its fake. hope im wrong but i dont think so.,
im not sure, looks quite real. although the one where he puts the hooks in the roof is abit much.
its strange cos he has started commenting on my videos. on youtube.
Lads dont know if anyone has seen this very interesting diary!

Diary of a compulsive gambler Part 1
I posted this last week



i agree is an interesting read though!
sorry mate didnt realise but shows how  shit gambling can be if not conntrolled
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ive watched the latest vids, and they do look real, but i begining to think now, anyone else got any thoughts on this
Jeez thought MOF was quite a gambler.... lol dontknow
gave up watching after a few episodes.
made me feel depressed and reminded me that giving up gambling was one of the best things i ever did. 

was a compulsive gambler for 20+ years.  (I still am a CG, but have abstained for almost a year)
compulsive? compulsive should never come away winning, a true addict should not have time to do a video blog, unless they are gambling at the same time?

he tried to kill himself in one of the vids number 8 i think i wish there was somthink i could do fot the bloke can someone invite him on here and we can try and help him in some way id feel sick if he commits suicide dontknow sounds like he just needs afriend i find to confine to hes last vid he seems abit more upbeat but i have a feeling hes taking anti-depressant.  Jackpotty Forums
Watched them yesterday, I think he needs help and fast!

It was weird in a way watching the video, because certain parts I thought 'that was me', especially when he's holding a wad of cash and planning his next assault at the bookies.

I hope it all works out for him, but I think that's a hell of a long way off, judging by where he is at with his addiction!
From a more selfish point of view, this made me feel a thousand times better about my gambling habits but to be honest, he looks like a lost cause. Hard to see how someone who's life is so consumed and dependent on gambling will ever truly be able to stop. Or maybe he just needs to get laid.
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compulsive gambler is not happy till he is skint and looking 4 more dosh to lose
I know quiet a few people like this i used to be a bad gambler but i got it under control with the help of my partner, i now just gamble about £50 to £70 a week and the last few weeks ive been doing ok got a couple of decent wins, one time about 2 years ago my mum gave me money to pay her bills and rent when she went on holiday and i blew it all in a RR machine, luckily she was gone for 2 weeks which gave me enough time to get it back, another time i blew £170 which my partner gave me to get our passports, i used to do it all the time money for bills and rent or people would give me money to get them something and i would gamble it all away, i have now learnt my lesson though and i leave paying the bills and rent to my girlfriend and i just gamble what we can afford
watched them all, do feel sorry for him he seems VERY lonely :/ work/gamble/sit in seems to be his routine, even when he won the £1000 he did fuck all with it and i think its down to not having any close friends, if i get the urge to gamble ill ring a mate and go for a beer instead maybe he doesnt have that option which is sad.
i have watched all his videos, and he has commented on the odd video of mine, and i hope he gets the help he needs, i really do. BUT something in the back of mind, is telling me that its all staged. like a fly on the wall kinda thing. i hope im wrong in a way, and he gets help. maybe everybody on here, should send him the link to gamcare site.

there was one video, where he said he only had £35 quid or summat for week, then next shot same day he had over a grand in the bank on the online roulette.
It seems real enough to me (and I would know!), he seems to be in the stage of 'I know I've got a problem but not determined enough to do the 'big step' about it'

I joined and posted on the Gamcare forums, but they didn't help me - I had to decide one day to basically 'man up' and tell my parents, or at least one of them the full situation.

In the first few videos he mentions his friend who he has told to some degree, I hope he shows his video diary to them.

At the end of the day real or fake it helps show the up and down world of compulsive gambling (Note the mood change between videos following 'wins' and then ones following losses)

Gamblers will always find the funds to gamble, you'd be surprised!

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