movember FREE competition whose in?
lmfao steel you just had me roaring with laughter at work good job everyones gone to the canteen
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl LMFAO THIS IS EPIC
Dear god that suits me almost too well! lolol


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
keykey whats the situation, is this still happening cos im sooooo tempting to shave... lol aint seen you post for a while. presumed you may have forgot about it :P
liam no i havent forgot about it, it still stands, there is deffo some prizes up for grabs. and i still have mine, and it seems to have stopped growing. you have only got 10 days to go, stay strong my fellow tash growing friend. iv just been busy as hell with work ect.  drink just sorting tea out whilst nipping on ere, i will sort some pics out later
Your muzzy is your friend drink
lol steel, so whos actually taking part, me, steel, key dom?
I'm not in it, my muzzys as it normally is lol
Don't worry chaps and chapesses you couldn't look any worse than this

[Image: owenv.jpg]
(11-23-2012, 04:27 PM)steelfix1 link Wrote: Don't worry chaps and chapesses you couldn't look and worse than this

[Image: owenv.jpg]

That's true.  lolol
asx we come into the last few days.... hope you tash's are going strong!! mine looks like,,.... well, a caterpillar. lol
okey dokey tash in a pokey, well today marks the end of movember, enjoyed growing it, even thouigh it seemed to have stopped, however here's a few pics of the finished article, it will be gone in the morning. or will it........  dontknow

[Image: TPhoto_00020.jpg]
was trying to punch a fart out^^^^ lol
[Image: TPhoto_00019.jpg]
was considering if id shot through

[Image: TPhoto_00017.jpg]
enjoying it..... lol

EDIT: we must have been posting at same time lol

over and out
That's a good effort, nice work key
lol This threads been funny, good effort :)
I can't see

[Image: tumblrmby3suib4h1qfz18j.jpg]
(11-30-2012, 09:18 PM)steelfix1 link Wrote: I can't see

[Image: tumblrmby3suib4h1qfz18j.jpg]

Lolol typical you  rofl
See Key a moustache on you makes you look harder.
lol sure the wife wud like that.  sheep  ;)  its been an emotional rollercoaster this whole tash jobby. been fed up of it, then enjoyed it, and kept mi top lip warm when its been cold this week.  dance

but alas it has to go tommorow, as im in court next week, for failure to grow a man tash with handle bars. lolol
I'd of kept mine going, but it grows that quick, and it seems ti stay at the itchy stage for a good few weeks & i couldn't put up with it.

Props to those who actually kept it up!

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