movember FREE competition whose in?
(11-06-2012, 06:58 PM)spa link Wrote: I had a shave around the end of Oct. Not sure if I dare not shave for a month. I nearly have a beard now!

Same as me pretty much.
well get em uploaded, you can start anytime!!

anyway, here goes the latest shots............ and i have just had a trim as im trying to grow a tash with legs!!! lol

[Image: TPhoto_00001.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00008.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00016.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00010.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00011.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00014.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00013.jpg]

[Image: TPhoto_00015.jpg]

as you can see, it is growing, "where it foooooking wants!!!" lol

happy days.  drink

mine don't grow very quick lol
beard???!!!??? no probs!! tash, we got problems, its harder than what i thought, my upper lip, likes the cant be arsed to shave look. whilst if i leave my beard assembley, booooooom full on. grizzly adams. strange mo fo.  drink
Just seen this great idea im also doing this like keys said wanted to do this last year but was abit late to start this year im going for it the only problem is I think it may take 30 days before anyone can tell im doing this lol

great going guys a huge thumbs up
lol Great thread drink
I'd look like this if I went another 4 weeks rofl lol

[Image: muzzya.jpg]
evil clown blackpool pleasure beach.AVI
Liam's having issues with his phone camera apparently... bloody blackberries
my phones knackered, i cant upload any pics so i duno what to do. im dying to shave it lol
borrow a camera or someone elses phone
Take a pic off your laptop cam
(11-08-2012, 08:22 AM)steelfix1 link Wrote: Take a pic off your laptop cam
He aint got a laptop lol
ok panic over, i fixed my phone, the memory card was fucked. luckily i had a spare so here goes

[Image: 918IMG00546_20121109_0333.jpg]

as of 9th november 2012.

i will upload another pic in a few days, this bad boy takes its time growing lol
It was shave day today and I've still kept the tash. Getting fed up with it but will keep going for as long as I can.

Picture tomorrow.
[Image: imag0205k.jpg]
Bet steelfix is having the time of his life laughing at this thread
Great thread, well done upto now lads.
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
(11-10-2012, 09:12 PM)slasher link Wrote: Bet steelfix is having the time of his life laughing at this thread
lolol lolol lolol lolol lolol
Well it's still clinging on for dear life. Really wanna get rid of i cos it just a mess of hairs going in all directions.

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