movember FREE competition whose in?
soo, its that time of year again, lol  

i wanted to try this last year, but i end up looking like i have got alpecia or summat when i try and grow a tash or beard, but beards aren't allowed. so its a moustache all the way.  as thats keeping within the spirit of it.

its all to do with mens health and the awareness of various things we may push to one side, like testicular cancer, and prostate cancer ect. so reckon its a worth while cause. and a bit of fun to boot. if it makes one of us lot, get checked out its worth it.

So starting from tommorow, 1st november, its time to grow a tash!!

And here's where the competition comes into it, for all who wish to enter, the rules!! and below for prizes.


Begin the 1st of movember with a clean shaven face.


For the entire month of movember each mo bro must grow and groom a moustache.


There is to be no joining of the mo to your side burns.


There is to be no joining of the handlebars to your chin.


Each mo bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman.

If you wish to enter this competition then from tommorow, have a shave, take a photo, keep a log if you wish, or post it direct on this thread, what ever you wish, even make a youtube collaberation of photos ect.

I myself will be taking a photo every day, and making a youtube vid, with the occasional photo thrown in on here, for an update on the progress.

I will also out of my own pocket be sorting the prizes out for the top 3 tash's!!! and they will be worth it, trust me. and the top three will be picked by a poll at the end of the month, on here, all who have submitted an entry on here, will decided by anonymous poll vote.

You have got nothing lose, and its a bit of fun, and you could win something aswell, and its also spreading the word on mens health and how important it is.

So let the tash's begin ( 1st november ) of course.

Great idea!

I am just unable to produce any facial hair!

I reckon a certain Scouse gentleman is in with a shout Wink
Rankings in advance
1) Steelfix
2) Steelfix
3) Steelfix


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
i was thinking that!! however, i reckon you could give him a run for his money inspector sands, after looking at your facial growth at the weekend, alas it was blondish, but just get sum birds mascara on it, lol

remember, in true JPF style and of course, my delectable taste, the prizes WILL be great.  drink
Might get the wife to sign up
I'll just stop trimming it in on a daily basis, you won't notice at meet proper but it is really thick not just long, if you don't cut it on a daily basis for me it goes total berserk :) To make it fair just start with the one's that don't have any fur from the start and I can just laugh lolol lol
(10-31-2012, 07:23 PM)Jamesy link Wrote: Might get the wife to sign up
lolol lolol lolol
I did this last year and grew a Hitler 'tache. It was enjoyable seeing the funny looks I got. Not doing it this year though.
I might let it grow for a laugh, I already have to lift up the sides to shave underneath so it's not a goatee.
lolol I'd do it, but we're not allowed to have facial hair at work due to working with food and stuff, and there's no way I'm wearing one of them crappy mask things
well its looking like theres only me really having a blast, and let me tell you this shit is on, even after a days growth, its begun........  rofl
I did shave yesterday night and will try but I'm sure I'll only last a week.
^^^^^^^^^^ thats the spirit!! its only 30 days!! lol
ill give it a go. do i have to shave my sideburns but leave the mo and beard as it is?
you can do wotever you wish with your side burns, if your growing a beard aswell, the "tash" CAN NOT join the beard!! it has to be a tash. standing proud, lol come on, lets have some more, nice liam!! my first photos will be on tmoz.  drink
its official now and the first rack of photos are up, .. ,,, ...  :-*

day one in the mobro tash house, that is keykeythe1.... and if you want to join my team, which i need you to, as its free to do, even if your not going to grow one, but hopefully you minet, just a little one.

and trust me i will keep bumping this topic up, and possibly blanket the site with it, lol very important issue to us all this, join and spread the word.

thank you.

p.s i am not asking for donations, if you want to give the spare 10p and basically shrapnel from your paypal accounts or whatever you can., the main thing is awareness, and every donation goes directly to the charity.

if we get the Jackpotty Forums crew team high enough within the rankings, we will get an interview, with the media, i have had submitted id ect already, so here's hoping, and yes, i will do the horse mask on interview.

so join its free, totally free, even if your not growing a tash!!! just do it drink
I'm doin it, but didn't have time to get donations, so it will be to show my support
31st October

[Image: imag0154kq.jpg]

5th November

[Image: imag0169qa.jpg]

[Image: imag0173jc.jpg]
im still on with it aswell, great to see your entering into the spirit, i will update mine later, hopefully liam is on this aswell still.  drink
I had a shave around the end of Oct. Not sure if I dare not shave for a month. I nearly have a beard now!

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