National Lottery and Scratchers
(06-19-2012, 11:34 AM)steelfix1 link Wrote: lmfao lolol Bank £750,000 and max it lolol Hand pay please :o or imagine how long the bookies would take :o

"we have to wait for the safe to open, can you come back in 9 years"

Yeah but when you've banked the £750,000 and max the £250,000 and it misses by 1mm by going too far round and wudda landed if you'd just done £1mil to 4mil...gutteddddd...I suppose the £750,000 might soften the blow though I guess lolol .

Thats why I hate banking though, the thought of "shuda done that pie differently" so I generally either collect or gamble the lot :P
Does it actually make any difference do you think on what amount you were gambing? or is it just a straight win/lose no matter what amount you had gambled?
These go I.M
(06-19-2012, 10:29 PM)streakseims link Wrote: These go I.M

Im = In Myhatedlist?
seen them but never bought one maybe when im a bit more flush
Had a bit of spare cash on me so thought id give them a go brought 3 first one was fuck all next was £20 and the other £20,£10,£10,£10 so £40 profit better than fuck all
1-0 to the scratchcards on these so far, not many places sell them round here.
I bought one of these £10 scratch cards for the first time yesterday, i was going to buy the Rich For Life Scratch Card which is a Fiver but they had sold out of them, the shop keeper says why dont you try this new £10 one its quiet popular so i thought ok why not, on the first game i won £20 but did'nt win shit on the other 4, so i put a tenner back in my pocket and bought another and did'nt win fuck all on that one, i think there a load of  shit and just another way for Camelot to rip people of  shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
It all started this afternoon went into my local shop to pick up some milk I had 2 £1 coins in my pocket so I thought fuck it bought a £2 blue £250,000 and I won 4 times total £100 GTFIT. Went home came out later in the evening, after paying a few bills I had £40 left I bought 2 £5 instant millionaire scratchys. First one nothing, second one 4 winners of £50 total £200 win  GTFIT I got of the cards here will take piccy and upload tomorrow. But overall one happy guy here and it paid for a meal out and drinks so  GTFIT
nice one, I didn't get a hit in ages so don't buy them much anymore, certainly a result for £2
Nice one, the last time i had a win on a scratch card i got 2 wins in a day, a 40 pound win and a 26 pound win, never normally win more then a quid or 2, are lass normally has more luck then me, she always seems to win fivers on them, i think the £10 ones are a bit to much, only bought them a couple of times when ive won something decent on machines, so someone buy 10 in asda on thursday, i wonder if they won anything decent, but £100 on scratch cards fuck that.
Cheers lads  drink I was in shock lol have not won anything like that in ages.
Max win I've ever had is fifty sheets, that's a great result!
Spend it wisely buddy! :) Nowt like a bit of luck, don't give em any of that 300 back


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
(01-12-2013, 10:47 AM)Inspector Sands link Wrote: Spend it wisely buddy! :) Nowt like a bit of luck, don't give em any of that 300 back

Wish that were the way m8 but as they say u got to speculate to accumulate. I've still got a tidy sum though after a good night out.  drink

Uploading pics later when I'm on laptop
Had a £200 card once! Never bought on since! Think that was in 96!
Cheers guys I couldn't believe it myself. Went back to shop this morning for paper and to take pic of £200 win as bloke last night wouldn't let me take it. Got pic on my cam, also lost £20 reinvesting in scratchys as well but not too bothered as it is my winnings from yesterday.
Just done a £10 scratchy feeling lucky after this...bugger all Sad

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