YouTube vid!
Youtube username is stopnstep, who is a member on FC.
i see no sense unless they want it chipped because theres another thing on it
Surely this going public bodes well for people that know the rip?
meh its not exactly useful for people who dont know how to do it already. its pretty straight forward after the gatw, but no mention of how to get the right setup, + as others have said it can fuck you about, so its not exactly a massive earner, especially as there arnt many around these days.

only issue is it getting chipped, which is never a good thing i guess.
I doubt it'll be chipped. It's old and not all that brilliant in the first place.
Got units that don't give it
Hardly worth playing for if you ask me. Nice to see for yourself a few times but most of the time i'd rather swap in a big box and carry on my route. + you really need to beable to plug to make it easier.
regardless if this is worth playing for or not, this idiot wants stringing up by the bollocks, what an absolute nonce - I hate these fuckers who "ooooo look what I can do" and then bang the whole world knows - MORON.
What wrong with others knowing

I aint bothered I don't touch the £70s, however if another player has chucked £100 in a machine what's wrong with him knowing some info.

If everyone new how to do it, nobody would win, infact everyone would lose a lot of money, you'd end up with a scenario

player a walks in, it's not ready but because he's got the upper hand it's worth risking, costs him a lot but in the end gets his £280 for break even

Player b walks in thinking the same, Oh dear, phones cost a fortune, doesn't give the right things, he only manages £210 for a £100 - £150 loss

Player C walks in, again thinking the same, It's a fortune for phones again, he gets lucky and it plays alright but still loses £20 for his £280

Player D walks in, goodbye float as it's fucked and he's £400 deep and only gets £140 back.

That's what happens when too many people know, the trick gets rendered useless.

A big % of fruit machine players are the £5 - £10 brigade, and the way most DOND's are designed, even if it's been fucked by a player, you still get a normal £2 - £4 block board and can get lucky with a decent cob, the only thing your not getting is a phone game.
Good on them there is 3 of these in Glasgow, but
had this once very hard machine to get  GATW
the way to look at it, is more people think
it's easy to do and plough more cash into it. They
guy figured it out for themselves. They got excited and put
the rip on you tube. I wouldn't go out my way to play this, same
as a lot of people.
got 1 in my local been there ages un-covered just shame i dont no the rip lol

oh well theres plenty of other stuff  dance
Play for GATW, take game, second offer take for 140? seems what they did, alltho i think most casuals ( myself included ) wouldnt want to put 200 into a dond for a chance of a gatw. This isnt like the flicker which is doable by anyone.
funny I know where that unit is watchin it again lol
Ha! Same :)

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