The grand national
Got westendrocker ballabriggs and shakalakaboomboom all to win

£5 each, 16/1 14/1 and 12/1 respectively
(04-14-2012, 10:25 AM)luckybeast link Wrote: [quote author=Roll_With_It_Russ link=topic=6253.msg70080#msg70080 date=1334345043]
6 EVS bets = 63/1...

Any lady jockey top 3 finish - 2 female runners, that make up 7.1 and 5.5 % of the book odds to place either in top 3 so say 5/2 no and 2/5 yes

2 or more to fall at the first fence - sure they picked 2 as it the nearest to 50/50 so lets say 10/11 the pair

jj o'neill horse to finish in the top 4 horses - got the fav, a rag and a 6.25% of the book runners, so that 8/11 yes, 5/4 no

winning distance under 5 lengths - winning distance must be fav for no 8/11 or yes 1/1

17 or more finish - half should get round the easiest course to date, 4/7 yes 6/4 no

ap mcoy to finish the race - Fav so 9/10 yes, evs no

going no 5/2, no 10/11, yes 8/11, no 8/11, 4/7 yes, 9/10 yes

makes 58.52/1

obv i've not had time to study all the odds, but looks on the face of it a 150% bet, so unless anyone knows any different i'll pass.
But if you fancied Yes 2/5, no 10/11, yes 8/11, no 8/11, yes 4/7, yes 9/10 then that would work out around 23/1 using your prices so the 40/1 on offer is a stonking price.

but the issue there is I spent 5 mins creating my prices, the odds compilers would of been setting the bet factors to get near 50/50 odds therefore you need to go with the 63/1 on the face of it.

i wouldn't pick 5/2 yes so I did that wrong, but the 5/2 and 2/5 odds are wrong anyway as i'm not got any over round on that one... my prices are not 100% book or calculated true odds.

my bets for a bit of fun, nowt big as you can see, but there on. as i havent got a clue with the nags.

Win: 4.15 Aintree: Grand National - Paying 5 Places
9/1 £2.00 £20.00

18/1 £2.00
(£1.00 each way)

Win: 4.15 Aintree: Grand National - Paying 5 Places
20/1 £2.00
(£1.00 each way)
£27.00 )

In Compliance
Win: 4.15 Aintree: Grand National - Paying 5 Places
125/1 £1.00 £126.00 )

9/1 £2.00
(£1.00 each way)

On His Own
Win: 4.15 Aintree: Grand National - Paying 5 Places
16/1 £1.00 £17.00
what a race!!!!!
quote of the day "ever horse being backed by the public" on the bbc, so can you explain to me why prices are shortening? nothing being pused out, if the book was good to begin with why, oh SP rip off by any chance?

158% is my guess, must been the biggest win of the year.
A small profit will do me  :)
My horse came in today right at the end. Andy Carroll scored!!
only 152% overround in the end  :D
£2-00 each way on neptunes collonge
£2-00 each way on seabass
£5-00 each way on syncronised RIP

£18 0n £111 back. Thanks

My mate had £2-50 each way on neptunes collonge and £2-50 each way on the horse that was 5th at 150-1

He collected over £230 jammy git

All my footy bets lost as usual  Homosexual
no grand national winnings for me
after timer of the year has to go to the owner of According to Pete, so they are happy to enter this year to try any win a share of the biggest prize money race of the year.
£1 E/W on Seabass
Returned £3

Meant to put it on the other day but totally forgot, still £1 profit, it paid for my Footy acca (which didn't come in) so can't moan too much
i never done the grand national winner, but i did remember the horse from a while ago, and look at previous post back on the 18th of february

doh, doh, doh

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